Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is a First

Never before have we had problems with doing food swaps at work, but earlier tonight I got an email from Manoah about that one we did last weekend. Apparently Melissa saw the receipt for Dominos' food and asked him why we'd written "wanted refund" on the top of it. The truth is because we obviously couldn't flat out say it was for a food swap, and we figured anybody else who saw it would assume a customer had a complaint about their order, which was resolved by them getting a refund. So anyways, I've been given this little story to tell to Melissa should she ask me tomorrow night, but I think Manoah's getting a bit paranoid. Then he went on to say that he wanted to shoot himself after closing with George, but I'll undoubtedly hear about that tomorrow night. I cannot remember what my actual shift is though. I know I start at 8, but either tomorrow or Saturday I'm done at midnight again, and another day off immediately follows that. Should work out, because starting next week I close with Mary at least three times, and I'd like at least one day off before those shifts.

His email was actually one of two I wasn't expecting though. Some time ago (at least a week and a half) I sent an email to the guy I got that Megaman-style icon from via Furbid about a new auction he had up for the same sort of thing, except with additional poses. My question had something to do with the auction details being confusing, but I didn't hear back from him for a while and just forgot about it after finding / buying those two other commissions. He replied tonight, at any rate, but I haven't read it yet for being caught up in Bowser's Inside Story and writing this entry now. Might as well get to it tomorrow because given progress over the past week, I will have those other emails to send as well. Then on the same topic I'm still waiting for any sort of progress on those icons, or, more likely, the finished result, but it's been about five days since now, so something's probably going on with them I don't know about. As for my profile on furry.ca, no word or change yet, but it took a good while to hear back from him the first time I wanted a picture added, so I have at least two weeks to wait before I start to get impatient about that. I can't, however, shake the idea that he's going to ask "Why?" Because I no longer want my information to be publicly viewable. I have my LiveJournal, and that is plenty <3

Anyways, this is going to be done early tonight, because instead of writing more in here I'm reading over Manoah's email again thinking about how he overreacts to George. Apparently he was being creepy tonight, but I think he (Manoah this time) is just imagining things. Whenever I work with George, we get along pretty well, and although he may be annoying sometimes, he's never creepy unless he's joking around about something. Oh well. Once again, I'll probably hear about it tomorrow, and with that, time for bed~

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