Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Worth the Trouble

In regards to those two matters I've been mentioning for the past week, my money for the DVD was refunded yesterday, which was immediately spent on a different copy from a new seller, so hopefully I get that without any issues. As for the keychain, according to the reply I was sent, it arrived here on the 23rd of September. Thus, three options come to mind. It either is here and somebody else took it (not likely) or it's just gotten lost in amongst other things (again, not likely), or they got the wrong address (somewhat likelier but still hard to believe), or, finally, they messed up while shipping it out. See, on the same day I bought the keychain, I also bought a bracelet of the same style from their online store as opposed to eBay, and it arrived the very next day. Thinking that maybe they put both items in the same box (because that would make sense), I emptied it completely, but was left only with an invoice and a large pile of packing peanuts. Honestly though, whatever. I still have the code for free shipping, so I'll just buy another one from their store and if that doesn't get here safely, then start getting after them. As of right now it's only a $1 item (albeit with a 2900% markup on that with shipping added), and the price difference between eBay and their store is only $2.05, so hopefully the second attempt will work out.

Anyways, that aside, I was wrong about work. It turns out I closed last night, obviously, but have tonight and tomorrow off, then work Monday and Tuesday, and have to wait to see the new schedule for after that. Not too bad, I guess, because it gives me alot more time to play Bowser's Inside Story (although just guessing I'd say I'm quite near the end of the game now), and then on Monday I only work 8-12, but Tuesday, however, I close with Mary. And if everything Manoah and James were saying last night is true, she's sort of a force to be feared now, and it's a well known fact that I'm the only one who doesn't like working with her. Good. I'm glad that fact has been established quite clearly, because I'm quite fine with working with somebody I don't like. It's just a matter of whether or not they're going to let that have an effect on how the shift runs. Oh, and he may have been joking around about it, but James went on further to say (in a mocking voice that I guess was meant to imitate her) "Mary doesn't like you because you don't wear a headset". Please, bring it on, because I have absolutely no plans to back down.

Outside of work though, Mom had an interesting question for me yesterday. She wants (or wanted) to use my "furry stuff" (her words) for a Halloween party she has coming up. No. That's what I told her too, but just... no. Not only does it seem a bit hypocritical of her to suddenly show an interest now that she'd have use for them compared to her utter refusal to take me grocery shopping last year, but also if I were to say "yeah, go ahead", I might as well just be telling her "You can keep them too". They are, in a slightly different than normal sense, mine. They're part of my everyday clothes, and essentially something that makes up part of who I am, so I'm not just going to randomly say "sure". That also reminds me of Halloween at work though, and what will be going on this year, but as of yet I don't even know if I work then. Should I close, the only concern might be hats, but if they want them to be worn this year, I plan on just grabbing the santa hat that's been in the back room for a couple weeks. Assuming nobody else beats me to it, that is.

I suppose for now I might as well get those couple other things taken care of (buying a second keychain and sending another $5 off to somebody else), then figure out whether or not I want to vacuum my room today, because I've been meaning to for the past several days I had off. Then probably more Bowser's Inside Story and other normal stuff. Yay~

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