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This is the Last Straw

I've @$*$ had it with Taco Bell. Here's, in my mind, what needs to change at that place:

  • Tell the supper people to stop screwing us over. We're sick and tired of having to play catch-up with everything they leave for us to do (which is, 9 times out of 10, pretty much everything).
  • Get more people on closes. Whether it be through hiring more people, or taking some of the people we have already and having them close. Even if it's just for Fridays and Saturdays. People there don't realize just how busy we are at night.
  • Talk to the managers (supper ones specifically), and explain to them that we need a new rule that states that supper people cannot leave until certain things are done. I'm thinking just things like the dishes, at very least.
  • Get some sort of a pay increase for the closers. We don't get paid enough for what we have to put up with.
  • Explain to the closing manager(s) that it's vital to switch people up throughout the shift. Noone likes being in the same position for 8 hours, so switching people around really helps.
  • Tell the managers that if anyone's called in, either early, or on a day off, that the person that called them in has to be there for at least a half hour after whoever got called in arrives.

See, tonight Shelia called me in early. I walked in at 8:30, and she was nowhere to be found. Nothing was done, we were ridiculously busy, and she'd left only Jerome, Erin, Steve, and Eric to keep things going. So first of all, I was pissed that I got called in early, only to find out that she did the exact same thing to Erin and Steve, as well as that from what I saw, she didn't even offer so much as an apology for not having more stuff done for us.

I was extremely close to walking off line and saying "That's it. I'm done" tonight. I can't take it anymore. Closing's fine and all most of the time, but it's getting to be too much, seeing as that's all I ever work. Jerome said something about how he's taking a stress leave, which really isn't that bad of an idea. Just a week at most, to relax, and not have to worry about work at all. I don't really need something like that, seeing as something as simple as being scheduled for a couple day shifts would help, but it's still an option.

Of course, on of the main reasons things are so hectic and stressful right now is that everyone's getting sick from having gotten the flu shot. Once that's all cleared up, things should be somewhat back to normal, but right now, they're just infuriating.

Anyways, I'd write more, but Dad's up right now, so that means Adam will be up shortly as well, and I'd rather be in bed before he gets down here. There's no way in hell I'm working tomorrow, so I'll try to go into more detail then

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