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About Last Night

So, the Christmas party is probably just winding down about now. Wonderful. Well, the main one, at least. I know last year, I heard lots of talk about the other parties that took place afterwards. Obviously I didn't go, and I don't regret it either.

Josh called about quarter to 7, wondering where I was, and I ended up telling him I had been feeling sick all day, so I didn't know whether I'd be in or not, but that I'd try to be there for 7:30 or something. He told me that the meal started at 7, so I said I'd try to be there, but I ended up just going up to my room and playing some games on my DS 'till around 8 or so. He never called back either, but there's no chance that he's just going to leave it at that. I can almost guarantee that next time I see him, I'll get asked why I wasn't there, but as far as I know, I don't work with him for a while yet, so there's no immediate worry.

I ended up heading to 7-11 around 10, and picked up some corn nuts, nacho cheese combos (these things), a bag of almond M&Ms, and a chocolate bar. I would've gotten some pop as well, but I've still got plenty up in my room, from when we went to Shoppers on my birthday :p

Other than that, I did some stuff on the computer, and played some more Twilight Princess. Just up to getting the Zora Armor right now. I plan on heading out there in a bit to get further on it, but I want to finish this first. The main thing is what happened last night, so here, from start to finish, is what went on.

I walked in a couple minutes after 8:30, and Jerome told me to just pick whatever, and do it, seeing as they hadn't been able to get so much as a minute to clean things up. I started on the fry dump, but I was only able to take the stuff out of it before Jerome told me to just forget it, and come up to help on line. I went up and started expediting, and stayed there for about 10 minutes, before I had to go grab something from the back. While I was doing that, people came into the dining room, so first Eric, who was steaming, asked me to take their orders, but then decided that he'd do that instead, and told me to start steaming. I wanted to just tell him "No. Get back on line. You don't just dump your job on someone else", but it would've been a waste of effort, so I started making the orders. From then 'till about 11:30, the orders didn't stop, save for giving us enough time to finish bagging line, but even then, I was taking a quick break between every couple orders to bag at least two things. It was obvious that it wasn't going to get done otherwise, with how busy we were. I gave myself a decently-sized burn while making one of the orders as well.

One of the items included in it was a chicken burrito supreme, so I put the rice and chicken on the tort, then went to put some red sauce on it as well, but in a moment of sheer frustration at how busy we were, I slammed the pump down, and sent red sauce flying everywhere. I quickly grabbed a soft taco wrap to wipe it off my skin, seeing as nothing else was available, but it was too late. All I could see after I wiped it off was a red mark where the sauce had been. So from then on, getting fries hurt like you wouldn't believe. All the heat coming off the top of the fry dump was what was causing it.

Anyways, around 11, Jerome mentioned something about how Manoah was coming in to help us. I was quite glad to hear that at the time, because I figured once he arrived, I'd ask him to take over line for a bit, and I'd go back to do the dishes again. Since nobody else had a vehicle, Jerome took over drive through for Erin, so she could go pick Manoah up. Once he arrived, I asked him if he'd take over line, so I could work on getting things cleaned up, but he decided he wanted to do that instead. The first thing he did though was went out for a smoke, but when he came back in, he told me that he'd take over line, as long as I did the dishes. I guess Jerome had explained what was going on or something.

It took me 'till about 1:30 to finish those, and by some miracle, just as I finished washing the last dish, the cars stopped coming, so we all went out to sit down in the dining room. Manoah, in what I'm going to call a bout of stupidity, started drawing on the table in the corner with a black marker, writing all sort of unflattering things about Josh, Earl, and Shelia. I stood over him the whole time correcting his mistakes (things like writing "Taco's" where it should've been "Tacos"), then Jerome comes, says something about "Look at mister grammar over here", then Manoah got all mad at me, asking what sort of marks I got in English :x

Only after he had about half the table filled with black marker, did he decide it was time to clean it off, only to find that you could still make out what he'd written, even after he'd wiped the whole table down. He had me run back to grab a green scrubbing thing, a bucket of hot water, and Comet, and with all those, managed to get it pretty much cleaned up. Still though, if you look at it a certain way, you can still make out some of the stuff he'd written.

That whole time though, the orders were coming in, seeing as it was 2:00, and Steve was on line by himself. He did pretty well given that, but it still didn't make sense that all three of us would be out there, leaving only him and Erin to handle things by themselves.

The rest of the night was pretty much just a mess of cleaning things up. One funny thing is that we didn't bother cleaning mini at all. I made a suggestion earlier in the night that we shouldn't do anything that the supper people should've done long before we got there, and mini just happened to be one of those things. Shelia opened this morning, so I wish I could've seen the look on her face.

Reading that, it might not seem like the night was that bad, but you had to be there to really see what got us pissed off.

Thank god I didn't have to work tonight, because that would've been the worst. Really, to sum things up in one word, I'd have to say "incompetence".

As of right now, I work tomorrow through Tuesday, 7 to closes all three days, but Glenda's the closing manager, and she's fun to work with. Next Saturday is going to be hell, as Ange is the one and only closing manager on that night, but I figure if it comes to it again, where I'm about to walk off line, I will to go back to the bathroom and plug in my headphones and turn my PSP on to listen to some music. I've seen Ange do that, on line, while she was steaming, and she just had one of the headphones in her ear. Simple things like that can make the shift seem alot better, and even if it is one of the things that one could get a writeup for, sometimes, exceptions have to be made.

With that though, I'm gonna go play some more Twilight Princess.

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