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I Don't Want to Get Up...

... but that was a good sleep. Only interrupted twice, to go to the bathroom, and because a song was playing on the radio that I couldn't possibly ignore. It was "The Gift" by Aselin Debison. I obsessed over finding that song last year, and I never could find the name of it, so every single time it came on the radio, I'd just have to sing along or listen to it :p

Anyways, just woke up at 3, and I put my uniform back in the dryer, because although it feels like it was dried already, I'd rather not take chances. Work tonight, probably will be busy, as it's Sunday night, but we've got a good crew on, and Glenda understands the idea behind rotating people throughout the shift, as well as that it's rather unfair for the smokers to go out for smoke breaks, while the non-smokers get nothing, so even if we do get busy, chances are we'll get a chance to have a break as well.

It's really weird though. I'm fine with working any days from Sunday to Thursday, because we're usually not extremely busy then, and it's actually fun to be there in some circumstances. However, when Friday and Saturday come along, they make me just want to walk out of the place.

Anyways though, I'm going to cut this short right here. I started into Lakebed Temple last night on Twilight Princess, and ended up turning it off in frustration after not being able to figure out where to go :x Hopefully I'll figure it out now.