Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

People Never Cease to Amaze Me

Mike, the new district manager, was down tonight, and brought coupons. It's been a while since we've had them, so whatever. We started giving them out with orders, oh, say 9, and not even an hour later, we had someone or other in the drive through wanting to use the one for 5 tacos.

Really, they're not even getting a discount with the coupon (unless they choose to get a drink), because the 5 taco deal we have right now is $4.99 anyways. That raises the question about what we're supposed to do with their coupon, because we don't ring it in specially or anything, so there's no reason to keep it. That is, unless they plan on getting rid of the 5 taco deal as a normal item, and making it available strictly with the coupon, but that's debatable.

Anyways, the whole reason Mike was down was to replace the ceiling tiles, which screwed us over for getting things done right away. See, if we were to follow the rules exactly, we wouldn't bag cold line 'till 3 hours before close, hot line an hour after that, and the fry dump at the end of the night. Normally, we like to get all that stuff done early, so there's less to do come closing time, but tonight we obviously couldn't. Amazingly though, I didn't get stuck on drive through. Right at the beginning of the night, Josh asked me whether I wanted to do that or line, so I chose the latter, then Mark hands me a piece of paper with a line drawn on it. Clever :p

We weren't too busy, except for a late supper rush around 8:30. One lady came in after that, and at first I was thinking "Please go away. I don't want to make more food. I just got done." Turned out she wanted $20 worth of gift certificates though. Not too many people get those (I've only seen 3 since I started working there), but I suppose it makes sense, given that Christmas is less than a week away.

On the topic of Christmas though, Heart and Stroke's party is in exactly 8 hours and 48 minutes right now. Woo. Other than that though, I just have to be to work at 7 again, and I've got the rest of the day for whatever I want to do. As things stand right now though, we're screwed over for tomorrow night. It's just me and Glenda closing. She left a note for Alain, part of which was a request to see if he could find anyone to come in, so hopefully someone will. If it really comes down to it, we can close the store by ourselves, but I'd rather avoid that if possible. Either way though, after tomorrow, I have a single day off, then I work straight closes from Thursday to Sunday.

I am looking forward to Sunday though. We close at 7 that night. At first I was wondering why I was only scheduled to work from 4-8, but then I glanced up at the dates, and noticed that it was the 24th. I guess that explains why the next column was completely blank :3 Like I said before though, as long as I get to go to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's with everyone else, I'll be happy. I am disappointed that I'll be missing out on the Carols by Candlelight thing at the church, but I can live without that.

I'm expecting Friday and Saturday night to be hectic as well, but then again, it's the weekend before Christmas, so there's a slight chance it'll be less busy than I'm assuming. I was talking to Steve yesterday, and asked him about the Saturday night where it was just him, Erin, and the people from Windsor, and according to what he said, they weren't busy at all, except for the bar rush. They had two people working drive through, two people on line, and one other to just do whatever. Even with all those people though, apparently they ran out of pretty much everything near the end of the bar rush :x

Oh, and I burned myself yet again tonight. I went to get fries for one of the orders, and Glenda was getting something from the cabinet as well, so she ended up pushing back against me, not realizing I was there, and to stop myself, I pushed against the fry dump with the back of my hand. Yeah. It might not look that hot just standing there looking at it, but it is.

Moving on, I actually beat one of my DS games last night. About half of mine have been played anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours, but then I put them down and never touch them again. The one I beat last night was Kirby Squeak Squad, which, interestingly, isn't wishing me a happy birthday each and every time I start it up now. My birthday was on the 13th, and yet the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" message kept coming up every time I started the game until the 15th.

The one funny thing about it is that I lost the Triple Star Rod before I even got to the final boss, and ended up having to use Laser. I beat it easily. I was expecting the final boss of the game to be a bit harder.

I think that's going to be it for now though. I'm not tired, but I do have to be up (relatively) early in the morning, so I might as well get upstairs right now.

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