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Christmas Party...

Now that wasn't a bad Christmas party. I was a bit late though :p See, I could've sworn I set my actual alarm clock for 10, and my DS for 11, so that way, I'd still have an hour to sleep after the first one went off, but I guess I set them for 11 and 12. Let's just say that when my DS started going off, I turned it off, then laid in bed a couple minutes more before getting up. I glanced over at my alarm clock and just saw the last two digits. They were "04", so I figured it was 11:04, and that I still had plenty of time to do whatever.

No though. I come down here, and walk into the kitchen, where both the stove and microwave say it's after 12. So I turned the computer on and logged in. 12 as well. Thankfully, I heard Dad come inside and head down into the basement, so I opened the door and asked him if he'd give me a ride up there. He did, so I was about 10 minutes late, but at least I got there :p I couldn't believe how many people were there though. Just at our table, there were at least 16 people. I never would've guessed that's how many people actually volunteer there :o

One thing I had in mind though was what I read about the unwillingness there to remove items from food, for the sake of appearance, and as predicted, I ordered some sort of roast beef sandwich, which had onions on it, so I asked if they could be removed, and the waitress mumbled something or other about "...already made, so they won't remove it." I told her that was fine, and when the food came, I just took the onions off myself. If you ask me, the food didn't look any worse without them :x

After that we all ordered dessert, and while we were waiting on that, gifts were handed out. I got "Supreme Selections - A delicious assortment of milk chocolate covered Almonds, Peanuts and Jujubes" :3

Anyways though, I'm off to play some more Twilight Princess for now. It'd really be sweet if it was possible to hook the Gamecube up to the computer, as then I'd be able to play it from in here, but it'll do staying in the living room for now.

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