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Another Bad Night

I'm almost certain they're going to try to call me in Wednesday night. See, it was Jerome's birthday today, and as Glenda put it while we were getting ready to leave tonight, he's going to have the biggest hangover tomorrow, so chances are he won't be able to make it to work. Right now, if they were to call, I'd tell them no, just because of how tonight went.

It wasn't a problem with there not being stuff done or anything, seeing as we were waiting to do line and the fry dump and all that, just in case Mike happened to drop by again, and the dishes were pretty much caught up, so the only thing that needed to be done was the dining room.

I started on line, and finished steaming the orders that were on the board, waited for Earl to leave, and set about bagging pans for line. I figure even if we can't bag the actual food right away, we might as well get the pans ready while we have the chance. About 9:30, we started getting busy. Manoah, who had come in to help us close, was on drive through, Mark was on front cash, I was on line, and Glenda was off doing something in the back. That didn't go really badly at first, seeing as the orders were fairly small, but then someone knocked on the door, and it sounded like Josh, because he knocks a certain way, but I figured there was no way it could be him, because he'd already worked earlier in the day.

Of course though, he and his Mom walk in, no uniforms on or anything, and start going on and on about how they just got back from the States, and how they were able to bring so much beer or whatever across the border. Then, out of nowhere, Josh turns to me and says "Oh, and you can't bag line anymore. Not until an hour before close." Then he turned to everyone else, and started going on some rant about how Earl was in a really bad mood in the morning after hearing what Mike had to say, and how he'd written Josh's review while he was in a bad mood, and Josh ended up not getting his raise or something. Honestly, who cares? If you want a raise that badly, take a quarter out of someone's till each and every shift you work. Yeah, it's theft, but if you're that concerned about getting so much more an hour, you're probably willing to do pretty much anything.

Yeah, I may be overreacting, but I don't know... It just seems so trivial from my point of view.

Two interesting points of his rant were that a) Steve, the other guy that was helping Mike with the ceiling tiles (and no, not the same one I've talked about before) made a comment that all we did was stand around. Yes, we were standing around, but that's because things were done. The other point of interest was that Mike did say that he liked how when there was a customer, we were right on it in terms of taking / making their order, so yay, I guess. I still don't like the guy though.

Anyways, getting back to tonight, after Josh and Shelia left, things basically went back to normal, that being no end to the cars in drive through. Eventually, some people came through that wanted two orders. Their first one wasn't bad. Just a combo 3 or something like that. The second order was just ridiculous though. 4 meximelts, 5 soft tacos, 8 bean burritos, and something else I can't remember. And of course, there wasn't anyone else around that could help me on line, so I ended up making all that food myself.

Then, at the end of the night, I was really getting frustrated, because it was 5 to, which is when we'd normally close, but there were still cars in drive through. Finally, Manoah handed out what I thought was the last order, then started taking another one. What would appear on my board but a family pack, all soft tacos -_- Note that by that point, I was fighting the urge to just say "screw it" and go outside to sit down. So I picked up a soft taco shell, practically threw the meat on it, then Manoah starts cracking up. He rang the family pack in when there was no car, just for the fun of it. God, am I ever looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

Anyways, at the end of the night, Manoah went back to do the dishes, while I worked on getting line taken down. Once that was all done, I went over and restocked / cleaned up the drive through area, then restocked all the wraps on line, then did the fry dump, took the garbage and cardboard out, then phoned Dad.

In all, a bad night, but mostly because of how busy we were.

I can't think of anymore to write for now though, so that'll be it. I'm not necessarily going to bed quite yet, but it is 5 in the morning, so it probably wouldn't hurt :p

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