Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Answers My Question

Got a look at the new schedule tonight, the important parts of which were that I don't work Wednesday or Thursday (so much time off lately), then have a 5-8 shift on Tuesday, I think. Added to that, I ended up getting sidetracked cleaning the electrical room and took a couple empty spray bottles from there into the office, and in so doing happened to notice the draft of the schedule that will be going up after the new one, and unless it changes I have both the 30th and 31st off. Okay, I guess, because the 31st is Halloween and I'll have to do something special, but I was sort of hoping to have to work for once and thus get to wear my regular clothes (and possibly that Santa hat). Oh well...

Anyways, since yesterday night, I received a reply to that email asking for my entries on the other site mentioned to be removed, which was nothing more than a "I've removed the blog", but that's really all I can expect, so whatever. It is fun to think what might have been going through their mind when reading it though. Nothing specific enough to mention separately, but the stuff that went on there was just baffling. Surely not moreso than other stuff in this world, but it's one thing to just know about it, and another entirely to be involved to some degree. Although on a positive note one of my entries there reminded me of some songs I had once before, and I figured I would like to listen to them again, so they're downloading in uTorrent right now :3 Can't say much for that movie, which has been downloading for six weeks now, but I'm in no hurry to see it, especially because it feels kind of wrong to watch a movie without having snacks, and I'm not going to get any of those until the end of the week, at least. I did watch both Tomb Raider and The Rugrats Movie yesterday night though which was fun, but then I had Timbits, and getting more is out of the question not only until we get paid, but until I go to Money Mart and put some more, well, money on my card as well.

I also mentioned those icons and a new desktop picture yesterday, both of which can be seen in this image. I like the icons, except for the one extra square on the nose that I removed last time because it looked too big. That's an easy fix this time around too though, but I haven't taken care of it yet. Then as for the desktop, the four icons right of VLC's are the ones displayed in the common places now, and it's nice having the colors vary some. At least for that visual style because it's mostly white and thus looks better that way, but whenever I change everything around again, I might very well want them to be the way they were before. Interestingly enough, the Gmail Notifier icon is lit up because I'd received another email shortly before taking that screenshot with two of those five mood-specific icons for here finished. The rest should be done shortly too, but I still need to reply in regards to them being posted on his Furaffinity account when they're finished. I really don't mind, for what it's worth, but the other fact is that if he hadn't told me, I probably wouldn't have even noticed.

For now I should probably respond to him and rename / make a playlist for this new music though. Especially because it's 6:15am, but I emailed Michele before going to work tonight to say I wouldn't be in today, therefore I can sleep and only have to worry about getting the dishes done before 7~

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