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Pretty Uneventful Day...

I'm gonna try to make this short, seeing as we (me and Mom) are getting our hair cut at 1 today. Whether that means we've got to be there at 1, or just have to leave by then, I don't know, but I'm willing to bet that's when we have to be there, so that means we'll have to be up at 12. Bleh. I didn't have to worry about volunteering today, so I just slept, all the way 'till 5 in the afternoon, as a matter of fact.

Had several dreams, none of which I can remember, but I do remember waking up from a couple of them with a lump in my throat, as if I was about to start crying. Strange.

The only reason I even got up then was because I had wanted to go out to The Source by EB Games, to get a USB hub thing, but then I figured I didn't really need it, so we just ended up going to the bank so I could get gas money for Mom and Dad, then out to Arbys so I could get some supper. Really, I didn't need to go there either, but it's nice to have something special like that once in a while. Not what it used to be like, where I was out there almost every day to get my supper :x

So anyways, I've been sitting in front of this computer for pretty much the rest of the day. I walked up to 7-11 around 10, and got some stuff there, but other than that, and getting out of the house around 5, I've just been doing stuff on here :p I wanted to play some more Twilight Princess, but Adam was in the living room playing some Rampage game he got at Wal-Mart, so I couldn't. It's frustrating as well right now. I'm just up to having killed the first Poe in the Arbiter's Grounds, and the quicksand is really annoying. I can only hope the dungeon item there is the Hover Boots, because they'd really help.

As for work, as of yesterday, I worked my last shift with Glenda and Manoah 'till the New Year. It's so weird. Phrasing it like that, it seems like the next time I work with them is really far off, when in fact, it's only a few days. One other thing Shelia mentioned when they stopped in yesterday night was that I was not working Larry's shift on Boxing Day. Apparently he checked with Josh to make sure it was alright, but Josh never bothered to check with Shelia. She's the manager on that shift, so ultimately, it's up to her to decide who will be working with her.

I could care less either way, and frankly, I'm glad I have that day off now. I don't really need it off, which is why I told Larry that I'd take his shift, but if circumstances are changing that, I'm not going to complain.

I don't know what this weekend's going to be like, seeing as they scheduled one of the new people to close all three days, and he's either quit or been fired. Not to say that'll make a difference, because they would've been his first closes anyways, so it's not like he'd have known what he was doing. Friday and Saturday are going to be the worst, but then again, they always are bad. Ange is, for yet another time, the only closing manager on Saturday though. And everyone wonders why the night people always seem so stressed out. I appreciate that a good portion of the people there are unable to close, for various reasons, but when less than half the staff are closers, there's a problem. I know I said it before, but they had the right idea when Amy started closing one night a week, but they haven't yet said anything about getting so much as one more person on closes. Even if they are new.

New people, as trying as they can be at times, can be extremely helpful, by just having them go back to do dishes or something. The problem is though, is in how whoever's making the schedules is looking at closes.

Let's say for Saturday night, we have four people working that all have a good idea of what they're doing. Those four people are not the same as three that know what to do, and one person that's completely new to working there at all. In most cases, that new person will get put on line, which is just stupid in and of itself, but I'm not going to go into details.

The one thing that would help in that situation would be to write on the back cabinet all the stuff that needs to be done, and tell people to just pick something to do, and wipe it off when it's done. That way, the new person can pick something, ask how it's done, and be on their way.

That brings me to my next point though. Another complaint that Mike had about our Monday night shift was that it seemed to run itself. At first, I was wondering just what he was complaining about, because I saw that as as good thing, but then I realized that if the shift could run itself without problems, then there was really no need for a manager, and all that fun stuff. Honestly though, at the end of the night, the manager(s) is / are going to be off getting counts and their other paperwork done, and they can't be checking in on what everyone else is doing every five minutes.

I still need to have a shower before I go to bed though, so this is done for now.

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