Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

She's At It Again

While downstairs washing dishes earlier with Mom and Dad making supper behind me, Mom grabbed my tail and in a sort of joking way said "I want this for Halloween!" Then she went on to ask if my "outfit" was leopard or snow leopard which was slightly annoying, but also most likely her just trying to make conversation. To be fussy would be to say "It's not the outfit, but rather embodying characteristics of this animal", but there's no way I can see them understanding that completely. Anyways, after that, she told me Naomi and Adam are going to a Halloween party on Saturday, while she and Dad head out to Country View Golf Course for supper, and they would "love to have me come with them" if I don't work. I'm probably overthinking this too, but no. You two go out and have fun, and I will stay here and have fun too. Especially because with getting paid this week I'll be up to about ~$1,900, and would like to go to Harveys again for another one of those sandwiches with onion rings and bacon and whatnot else before they move on to a different promotion. I'm actually hungry right now just thinking of doing that, but I will have to wait.

Otherwise, today has been pretty uneventful, and I still haven't seen anything come in the mail for me, which led to another theory that somebody here took that keychain to give to me as a Christmas present. Highly unlikely, but at the same time, I would raise quite a fuss if they were to actually do that. Perhaps tomorrow though, but my first concern will be going to Heart and Stroke, which I sort of which I'd done today as well as tomorrow this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) because the way things are looking at work, I won't be going in on Tuesday next week either for working 5-8. Sort of a short shift, especially for a Tuesday, but I'm all for getting out of there even earlier at night and having time to get food on the way home or something. As for tomorrow though, a reminder to myself to change those old entries so they can't be commented on (not that there's a terribly large chance of that, but just in case), then really really try to find the last bean in Bowser's Inside Story. Literally, I've collected every single bean to be found in the game, except for one that's apparently still hidden in Peach's Castle somewhere. My DS has been on for that very purpose for the last day and half too, but I didn't touch it at all today, and didn't even realize it was still on until I got home and plugged my PSP in to charge.

I think I might go to bed now as well. I've been sitting here for much longer than intended writing this entry (as short as it is), and I'd like at least six hours of sleep for tomorrow. Then to see if it ends up being any more interesting than today, but probably~

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