Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need to Stop This

I keep switching back to a certain tab I have open on Reddit. Somebody made a post earlier today posing a question along the lines of "What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you in this situation?", and I could think of a perfect reply, but didn't want to be caught lying with my actual account, so I created a new one, and just... I've been refreshing it and laughing at the replies all day ^^ Problem is, that's starting to cut into the time I was planning to write this with, and we are going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon, so I can't carelessly stay awake until the sun comes up. For what it's worth though, no, I can't post the link, but the original post (the one that started the whole submission) currently has four edits made to it, and my comment is within the top, oh... thirty.

With that being said, I've also been listening to the same radio station for over ten hours, and surprisingly haven't gotten tired of it yet. I guess there's something to be said for the songs being more than just a couple minutes long, and also variety, or not knowing which one will come next. I do like the music I have on my PSP, and most of the time I listen to something on there while doing the dishes because it's convenient, but the problem there is I usually listen to the same album or playlist for long enough that I know what order the songs come in, and eventually that becomes slightly repetitive. Although if I still have it on one of my old PSP memory sticks, there's a picture saved from our old computer where I had listened to a different station for over twelve hours, but I guess the same thing applies in that case too.

Not having to go to Heart and Stroke today was nice too. Woke up around 9:30 and opened my laptop to see a new email from Michele telling me not to come in this week, because she'd just gotten over being sick, and hadn't had enough time to get anything ready for me. Then next week I only have to go in on Wednesday as well, because one way or another there won't be enough to make me coming in twice worth it, which alleviates that worry I had about having to work the same day ^^ Thinking though, it's not going to be that long before we're told "See you in the new year", so the extra day I've been giving them thus far can't hurt. Then again, with that comes the Christmas party, but my plans for that haven't changed at all from what they were. Simply sit it out this year. I have no intentions to go to Taco Bell's (if they're even given permission to organize one after the past couple years), so I'll have a little bit of future-precedent to go on.

Finally for tonight, I downloaded iDeaS earlier, and am using it along with Pic Pic to try and do the same thing I had set out to do with Picross. Make a compilation of all the solutions to submit to GameFAQs. Of course, I did eventually give up on Picross DS, because copying the solution before finishing the puzzle was taking all the fun out of doing them in the first place, but I've already finished all 400 of the ones I'm redoing in Pic Pic now, so maybe that will make a difference this time. Oh, and unrelated to that, but my Mario hat from Nintendo showed up today, so that just leaves the calendar and Game & Watch Collection and I'll have everything from then. Maybe later this morning :3

As the title says though, I need to finish this up now and get to bed. Grocery shopping looks to be about the only (somewhat) unusual fun thing tomorrow, but I was more or less thinking the same thing about today and it ended up being quite fun. I will at least have those new icons (the ones for different moods) to upload, but there might be one other thing of interest that I'm just not completely sure about going through with yet. Better than most days, at any rate~

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