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About This Three Day Rule

Not the one concerning dating, which, according to Google is the most popular. The one that states "If you can make it three days without doing or not doing [x], you'll be fine from then on". Yesterday night I was going to mention it involving spending money on snacks, but I ended up not being able to work that into my entry, and tonight it still has to do with buying things. I saw a listing on Furbid last week for a character sheet. The seller lives in Canada, so mailing the print(s) / sketch(es) wouldn't be a problem, and it was only $80, which seemed like a good deal for how comprehensive it was. Because I already had a commission going though, I told myself I'd wait until Thursday, because that way we'd have been paid, and we're now into early Friday morning. Did I buy it? No. Somewhat because I don't have nearly enough information to fill up a sheet like that, but almost entirely from withdrawing $40 from the bank for Mom earlier and opting to get a receipt. My balance was ~$1,911, now about six dollars lesser because I bought a couple things at 7-11 earlier, because I truly haven't the heart to see it drop below 1,900 again.

Problem is, it will before the end of next week, because this month is one where Mom requires $80 for groceries as well, and also, she mentioned her birthday is on Tuesday, but I already have to work 5-8, and with being done that early probably won't make it home until at least 9, after which they'll have already gone to bed. Therefore, my (rather liberal) goal for the two weeks will be to not drop below $1,700. As long as I don't slip into the "I have this night off, and therefore absolutely must get snacks to celebrate" mindset again, but that should be manageable.

Especially as long as work tomorrow night doesn't throw me off track with how many Pic Pic puzzle solutions I completed today. All of level 1 is completed, as seen here, and I've worked through 15 in level 2 as well. The thing is the speed at which I get those done is entirely dependent on being in a certain frame of mind, which is a fickle thing at any rate.

I suppose I could call in to work tomorrow, actually, because my throat just started to get sore today and still is right now, but that's been creeping up ever so slowly since yesterday afternoon, so I don't know if it was the worst it'll get tonight, or if there's still more to come. I really hope not, because even closing with Mary, as is the case again tomorrow, I'd still prefer to work all of my scheduled shifts and see a respectable amount on my pay stub instead of that ~$270 from the pay before today's.

On a completely different topic, this song (the link up in the entry info). I was listening to it while we were out grocery shopping earlier today, and was almost certainly getting some funny looks, for singing somewhat less than quietly. And with earphones on too, so I could hear the actual song and thus it all sounded fine to me, but to anybody nearby, perhaps not as much. Then again, while I may have never been known to sing, I still consider myself to be pretty good at it, so meh. Some lady that worked there was actually standing quite near me in the aisle right at the back of the building, but I have a feeling she was, if anything, waiting for me to take one of my earphones out so she could give me one of the coupons she was passing out to everybody else that walked by. No, thanks, and the same can be said of those sample stations too nowadays. I remember loving those things as a kid (and incidentally, there's another suggestion sent off to 1000 Awesome Things), and even going to Costco in London (I think that's what it was called back then) with a friend of Mom's who had a membership, after hearing that they always had samples of different foods available. Now, however, I seem to avoid them as if all the food was diseased or something, but Mom spent a couple minutes talking to the lady giving out little squares of pizza, or so I assume that's what they were.

Finally (because since starting this entry I've gone from tired to shaking with excitement for some reason), the icons I mentioned yesterday. Because I haven't yet had a chance to resize and upload them here, they can be seen on ImageShack via this link. I will hopefully find time to upload them tomorrow before I leave for work (if I don't jump back into Pic Pic right away), but for now, it's bedtime, because I figure it's going to take me at least half an hour to get tired enough again tonight~

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