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So Much for that Idea

While I can't remember what exactly brought it on, the thought crossed my mind earlier tonight to see if it was at all possible to watch TV online, as you would do with a radio station. At least the idea made sense. Go to the site, search for what you want, load the URL in your preferred media player, and sit back. However, it was only after about ten minutes of searching that I found a site pointing out that could be done in VLC with Shoutcast TV, so that's what I did tonight :3 Well, movies, to be specific, but eventually I started wondering if, with VLC showing the filename in the title bar, it would be possible to download them for viewing later. At least I thought it would be, and that's what it seemed like for about an hour before I realized I was pretty much just saving the station as it streamed. So I could let the download go for the entire movie then theoretically edit that file to add a proper end, then find some way to convert the .nsv to an AVI, but that'd be too much work considering the quality. Although it is fun to think of one huge file occupying all of the free space on which ever partition it was saved too <3

Then also, somewhat unrelated, I downloaded PCSX2 earlier as well, and fiddled around with it for long enough to grab Tales of the Abyss from my shelf and find that it would run, except more slowly than on the actual PS2, for obvious reasons. I still will have to fiddle around with it tomorrow or on Monday though, because it'd be cool to play those games on my laptop as well ^^ Having iDeaS work more or less flawlessly with Pic Pic is cool too, but I'm not about to make a habit of downloading DS ROMs and just playing them on here when I already have everything needed to do that on an actual DS. Speaking of which, I haven't touched Bowser's Inside Story in some days now, most likely from not being able to find the last bean, but whatever. I did the same thing with Pokemon Platinum too, after realizing that it was going to take a long, long time to bring my entire party up to level 80 before entering Victory Road. Then as for Pic Pic, I'm exactly halfway through level 2 of the Drawing puzzles now, or 110 in, if it makes any difference. I would like to complete another five at least before going to bed, but that all depends on when I finish this and whether or not I'm tired again.

Last night wasn't very good for that, as might be indicated by the lack of entry then, but by the time I got home and had a chance to settle down, I was too tired, and went straight to bed. Had sort of a weird sleep too, because I opened my eyes and sat up an unknown amount of time later, but I swear I was still asleep, so all I can remember was staring at the lights on my other laptop, and thinking they looked sort of like musical notes, but either the amount or color of them was disturbing to me for some reason, and thus I started to feel like I was going to be sick. I figured being uncomfortable may have had something to do with it, so I grabbed my other blanket and turned the fan on, then fell back asleep several minutes later. It wasn't over though, because another unknown amount of time after that again, I woke up in the same state (except minus the feeling sick), and noticed I could hear this loud buzzing that was rapidly getting even louder and louder. The feeling of annoyance and dread came back again (although that time the problem was the buzzing would keep me from getting back to sleep), so I reached over to this laptop which was closed at the time, and turned the volume knob to the left several times, which made the buzzing noise get quieter and quieter until it finally stopped. Nothing more happened after that, thankfully, but I was still feeling somewhat uneasy when I woke up. That's long since faded though, so meh.

As for work last night, only one thing about it. Standing at the front, waiting for it to be 8:00, when Mary finally came in from having a smoke or whatever she was doing outside, and pointedly told me "Count a till, you're on drive(through)". My response? "A 'please' wouldn't hurt." Tryphena looked at me like I was crazy or something, so I told her "It wouldn't...", and I didn't bother to turn around and see if anybody else had noticed, because I did have to count the till. That wasn't the problem either, because I expected to be on drive through, but it was a nice (and more concise) way of saying "You might not like me and I certainly don't like you, but that doesn't I'm going to take everything you say". And for the rest of the night, she said "please" every time she asked me to do something, as did I in return, which is acceptable by any means. That's not to say I didn't mind working with her for once, because she did do some other things I would've spoken to her about, but I didn't want to ruin the fun mood I've been in for the past several days, and as such continued with my work remembering it was the last night I closed with her until the next schedule goes up, at least.

Then for today, got supper earlier as planned which was nice, and stopped at Tim Hortons as well on the way home to pick up some donuts, where the cashier told me I couldn't have them, but she was just joking. Last time I was there my box of Timbits cost $500 according to her, so I guess some rapport has already been established even though I've only seen her twice now :B As for the rest of th preceding part of the afternoon and rest of the night, Pic Pic, mostly. Oh, and Mom absolutely insisted on leaving the front door unlocked in case Adam and Naomi didn't take a key to the Halloween party they went too which I argued with her about for a bit. Ruined my plans to give her $80 for groceries tonight, but I'll do that tomorrow before leaving for work. And with that, this entry is long enough already, so I'm going to do another five puzzles right now, then head to bed~

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