Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Weekend Should be Fun

Not the entire weekend though. Just Saturday. Where I originally expected to have Halloween off, they now have me on the schedule for 7 - 11, and that's not a problem itself because I have two days off before and one more after it, along with that I'll only be working a short shift, but the closing manager might be an issue. It's Steve, and if Halloween ends up being anywhere near as busy as it was last year, he'll want me to stay, which I can't claim to be very enthusiastic about the thought of, at least. We'll see though, because for all I know it could end up being quite slow this year, but that doesn't seem likely yet.

I was in a bit of a quandary last night after seeing that about what I'd be doing with my tail and ears on the way to work, because I don't want anybody to see them and just assume that's supposed to be a Halloween costume, but then again the odds of that are pretty slim, so I've worked out something reasonably sensible sounding. For one thing, I've been doing that well before October, and aside from being stopped on the way home last week to ask what it was about, there hasn't been anything to mention in that regard recently. Secondly, no matter how carefully I try to work things, I know for a fact that within the first week of November, somebody's going to tell me Halloween is over <3 The good part of the night though is that Mary doesn't work at all, and she's actually off closes for at least the next schedule, which is quite welcome. According to what Manoah was telling me last night she has her own story about what happened on Friday, but it's nothing more interesting than what I told her to begin with, but given that she never would have come to me (which is a good thing at any rate), I'm not putting any more thought into it.

As for the rest of the night, I was up until 8 in the morning working on Pic Pic because I had to reply the same puzzle three times, but right now I'm at 130 complete out of 400, which I hope to have brought up to at least 200 by the middle of next week. I also ended up buying a slightly cheaper, $25 commission from Furbid that I really like the references for again, so sooner or later tonight I need to send them an email with the necessary information. Actually, I might as well do that right now, so too much more time doesn't go by. Then laundry, and likely more Pic Pic, but I have tonight off, and thus don't have to worry~

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