Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Pic Pic is Ruining Me

Not in any serious manner, but the current pattern seems to be that while I'm working on a puzzle, I can think of several other things I'd like to be doing instead, yet when I finish that one, or the set of five, I suddenly can't remember anything I had in mind. Such is the case right now too, obviously, but I'm now up to 150 finished, which leaves maybe twenty more in level 2, so that's still progressing at a decent speed. It's already come in useful once too, because I've used this one as a reference for that new commission I mentioned earlier. Looking at the other ones I have now, the common theme seems to be blue, which is alright to an extent, but I'd like something more colorful and vibrant this time 'round. As an aside, I need to either stop procrastinating or pause iDeaS for long enough one of these days to upload those other new icons I have. Six of them, which are, as yet, just sitting on my desktop in the ZIP file downloaded from Gmail <3

Unfortunately, I cannot do that tonight, because I'd like to be in bed by 6, what with having to leave for work at 4 tomorrow. I still don't know why they have me working a three hour supper shift on a Tuesday, with three other managers plus additional staff at that, but I'll just have to see then. For all I know Mary could want to confront me with Melissa and either Sheila or Michelle (I can't remember) present, but that's more than likely just me being imaginative. It's actually a funny thing, thinking that way, but it comes down to old ideology that the "entire world is a stage". Everybody else is just acting, and I'm the only one who doesn't know how the play, if you will, ends. Then again, it's a poor play when one of the performers doesn't know what they're doing, but I like the thought of being different like that, even if the preceding thought is entirely subjective.

I do love being complicated like this too ^^ Effectively what it comes down to is that even if we are the same (sort of an "alike in our uniqueness" idea), that doesn't mean you (or me, or anybody else) should just blindly follow everybody else. I've also noticed a recurring thought quite frequently lately, being that I've matured, and learned alot within the past year or so. Perhaps not in the conventional sense, but comparing my views, beliefs, and ideas regarding various things from what they were then to what they are now, they have changed considerably. I'd list some examples, but it's almost 6 as is, so for the time being, the whole thing with friends, and also hugely skewed opinions about various controversial matters. Then again, the question I have to ask myself is "Have I adopted such beliefs because they're controversial, or because I actually believe them?"

And now I don't understand this. I've gone from writing about work tomorrow, to discussing matters of existentialism, and then to controversy. This is why I need to go to sleep :B On a less serious note though, my throat has mostly stopped feeling sore now, but at the expense of my nose beginning to run. I told Manoah such at work the other night, and he immediately said I should go catch it, but yeah. I noticed while working on those puzzles earlier that I felt absolutely fine, so maybe this case of being sick is more in my mind, but regardless, hopefully it's gone away or decreased by tomorrow. A common hope, really, but the best thing I can do for now is to go to bed, so I will, but not before setting this alarm clock and taking care of a few other last-minute things. More or less normal, at any rate~

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