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Hair Cut

Just got back from getting our hair cut. Nothing really special, but for whatever reason, a bunch of other people were there, including a couple kids, and of course, I got my hair cut first, so I was just sitting there, playing some Mario on my PSP, when one of the kids comes in, practically jumps up on my leg, and starts glaring at the screen, and somehow spit all over it. Then another one comes in, and they both start asking "Can I play?", so I ended up letting the one that was watching me, and he promptly took off with my PSP. At first I was thinking "WTF. Get back here", but I went out into the hallway, and there we was sitting on the stairs playing it.

The other girl that had come in second took my sitting down to make sure he didn't wreck my PSP as a sign that I was going to play with her, and started building a tower out of blocks. I swear, every time she picked one up, she followed with "Almost done".

We got done there around 2, stopped by to get some snacks on the way home, and here we are right now. I'm contemplating phoning EB Games to see if they have a guide for Twilight Princess in yet, but it's Naomi's day to go grocery shopping, and the only way we'd be getting out to EB Games is if I went with her and Mom, and that's not going to happen. Meh. I suppose I really should try to beat the game without help first :3 Maybe I'll go out to play it after I'm done this.

So, work at 8 tonight, which sucks, but is alot better than my three 7 - closes on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Tomorrow and Saturday I have to be in at 9, but then again, I was scheduled for the same thing last week, and both nights I got called in early. I dunno. I don't have a real problem with getting called in early, seeing as it's much more preferable than getting called in on a day off, but it's still annoying, because you know that if they're calling you in, they must be busy or short-staffed, and thus nothing will be done.

On the topic of getting stuff done though, screw what Josh said about Mike's new rule of not bagging line 'till 1 hour before close. Yeah, to be on the safe side, we can't bag it immediately after we start our shifts, but I figure dining room closes at 11, and after that, nobody can come in. Not even Mike, as I understand it. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Of course, there is the chance that somebody will rat us out, but if so, one can only hope that they'll be taken off nights.

By getting stuff like line and the fry dump done early, we're effectively leaving less to be done at the end of the night, and thus can be out of there earlier. I can understand their logic of not allowing certain things to be done until whatever time, seeing as even if we get everything done by 10 minutes after we're closed, we still get paid for a full hour afterwards. If I was in their position, I wouldn't pay us if we didn't work, so it makes sense looking at it from that angle.

It's just like, working at Taco Bell in general is alright. It's a pretty easy job, and not without it's moments, but some of the people working there are just idiots.

Anyways, with that, I'm gonna head out to play some Twilight Princess. Hopefully I'll be able to beat the Arbiter's Grounds.

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