Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What I Get for Rushing

Forgot about several things earlier, one of which was going to Heart and Stroke yesterday. I made it there about ten minutes before Michele returned from wherever she'd been and told me I could go home. Apparently she had meant to tell me I didn't need to come in, but never got around to it, so that was fun. It actually almost didn't happen, because Heather suggested I start working on a flyer for Big Bike or something, but Michele said the Toronto office might be giving them a template for that, and it wouldn't do to have me make one if it wouldn't be used in the end. To top it off as well, she also said I don't need to come in next week, and then for the week after that, said I should email her to see what's going on. So that's quite fine, because I definitely don't mind not having to worry about waking up early on Tuesday or Wednesday ^^

Then because this is somewhat related, work was annoying because according to Melissa (instead of Sheila this time), the auditor is supposed to be inspecting the store some time before the end of the week, and yesterday was the first time he might have shown up. So until 11 everything had to be done exactly by the rules, but that mostly concerned making sure all of the food, both on line and in the cabinets, was timed. In retrospect, that wasn't annoying as I thought it would be, but Manoah was being somewhat contradictory at first, by saying everything needed to be timed until we closed, but also telling me the auditor wouldn't be coming in after 11. That's actually another thing in and of itself. The way he made it sound last night, said auditor could show up any time from when the store opened to 11pm, when the dining room was closed, yet back on that night when we made Eryn's Taco Queen crown and cape for her, he said the guy (or lady) could show up any time during normal hours of operation. I'd assume the latter, because otherwise it would sort of constitute as trespassing, but it's also nothing we've had to worry about before, so I'm as equally certain as I am unsure. Now I'm being contradictory too, but meh. These are just my thoughts outside of work, and therefore won't impact anything that goes on there, and otherwise, although it's a familiar feeling, these two days off came at a perfect time <3

As for today, aside from what I mentioned earlier, I did go out to Tim Hortons earlier, which ended up being a good choice because they were out of the large-sized bread for sandwiches again, so I got two regular ones as happened in Tilbury before :3 I've mostly been working on Pic Pic aside from going out there though, but it's still coming along well. I do still fully intend to complete another five puzzles before going to bed, but I'm into level 3 as well now, so each one is taking up to taking an average of fifteen minutes to complete. As for level 2, it can be seen here, although to give a warning, it's about 1.4MB, and a couple times the size of level 1. As you might expect, I do intend to complete another five puzzles before going to bed, but for now, being able to show progress is nice. Surprisingly I haven't become too tired of it yet either, but I shouldn't mention such things, lest they change simply from being pointed out :x

Finally for right now, I received an email earlier this evening with a sketch of that commission I bought on Furbid a little while ago. As with last time, click this link to see it, but be warned that you may get an error. I'll definitely be responding to her before going to bed, along with those puzzles in Pic Pic, and also now ThreatFire needs a restart to be completely uninstalled, so I might as well take care of that before moving on to the other things. Maybe a bit cocky of me, but Avast is the only other security program I have installed, and the only thing is picks up is viruses on or otherwise malicious websites that most of the time I wish I could ignore, and by that, ThreatFire serves absolutely no use. As such, I'm going to post this, then restart, and see whatever I decide to do after that. Yeah~

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