Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Get it Eventually

More stuff regarding Pic Pic. For the Drawing puzzles, I'm five short of 200 which will be the half-way point, but in technicality only, because now they're up to taking an average of 20 minutes apiece to complete, and almost two hours for five is quite high. Still, I'm already into the first set of color puzzles in level 3, but they'll probably go back to black and white relatively soon. On a new note though, before laying down for bed last night, I was actually able to complete the first Magipic puzzle, so that's even if only the tiniest bit of progress towards eventually going through all of them. They are nothing of not confusing, however, because I've yet to be able to get through the second without somehow messing it up. Oh well. As the title says, sooner or later.

Otherwise right now, I'm just laying here thinking I need to get to bed quite soon. Not sure why, because the only thing that's different about work tomorrow is that I have to leave an hour earlier. More or less the same thing I did last year in order to have extra time to go trick-or-treating along the way, because back then I had to start at 8. This year should be better for that too, actually, because I don't have to stay 'till close and thus have to deal with any busyness James, George, and Manoah will end up facing. Steve was, amusingly, supposed to be the closing manager at first, but apparently he has absolutely unchangeable plans, which saw him pester Manoah for long enough to switch shifts. Rather annoying at any rate, but it's also a good thing because Manoah is much less likely to ask if I can stay and wash dishes, whereas Steve probably would even if they weren't getting hardly any orders. Nothing new though, so oh well.

Had a weird dream last night, two switch to a completely different topic, wherein I can remember taking part in a sack race, which might have gone around various floors of some hospital type building (I can't quite recall), but eventually ended with hopping up the stairs in our house and into the TV room where two other people were waiting, having already reached the finish line. Adam came out of Mom and Dad's room to shake our hands, and I think get us to sign this official list of everybody who had successfully completed the race, and then that part ended. The strange thing about it was hopping up the stairs. You would figure normally that that would get quite tiring in a hurry, but instead of any discomfort, every time I crouched down just before hopping up another step, my legs almost start to hurt before this warm feeling overwhelmed that, and by the time I had hopped up said feeling would have completely faded.

There was also a second part, where I was petting Tabby, and she rolled over onto her back (which is, on a side note, something I've never actually seen her do), so I continued petting her belly, reaching all the way up to her chin even, before I noticed her eyes. The irises (or iris, because I was only looking at one) were instead fractals, with a blue "background" and orange / gold "body". Being curious, I kneeled down closer to her to get a better look, as you might do if you were to zoom into one. I don't remember what came after that though, aside from thinking it odd that she hadn't moved her head away.

Anyways, it is 7:00 now, so I'm going to bed. Sooner or later I'm going to actually remember the things I think of to write about throughout the rest of the night, but for right now, one last try of that puzzle in Pic Pic, then whatever tomorrow brings. Working without changing into my uniform if nothing else, but that is something to look forward to~ <3

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