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Of Room Cleaning and Time Changes

I has absolutely no idea the clocks went back tonight. All I know was I was moving things off my two beside tables so I could clean underneath of them, when I glanced down at the clock on this laptop and saw that it read only ~1am, when it had been almost two not even ten minutes before that. A quick search on Google proved my suspicion to be right, which ended up giving me an extra hour to clean my room. It is quite completely now too, except for my closet because by the time I realized the floor in there was dirty, I'd already coiled up the vacuum cord, and didn't feel like having to do that all over again. In the same light (that of the time change), I rather wish I was scheduled to close tonight, because it would've been interesting to see Manoah's decision about whether or not to remain open for the extra hour, which would've seen them closing at 4am instead of 3 according to the clocks there. Knowing him though, they did stay open, but that's not my concern, because I left at quarter after 11 with things pretty much caught up.

In regards to working in my regular clothes (and thus with tail and ears as well), I was somewhat uncertain at first, because nobody else was wearing a costume when I went in, so I was afraid Melissa wouldn't allow it. Thankfully, I did bring my uniform along just in case, but still I went to the back as I usually do at about quarter to, waited for her to come in from having a smoke, and asked "Am I allowed to work just like this tonight?" Her answer was yes, but not without Sheila, who was standing beside her, asking if I was comfortable working like that or not. Aside from the expected feeling of something being out of place at first, yes, and it was quite a fun change once again :3 Unfortunately, I was on line from 7 to 11 had to have gone through close to ten packages of soft taco shells with all the five taco orders we were getting, but that was about the only bad part of the night. Well, there actually was one more, but outside of work, which I've written all there is to be mentioned about here. Speaking of which, yes, I have Twitter again, for a couple months now. You may notice I'm not following anybody at that, but the decision was intentional, and I'm not about to go into why right now.

Moving on, something to be put in an LJ cut because it's long:

1] The first started with our whole family taking a vacation. It started with us at the hotel already, and the very first thing I did was looked out the window to see what fast food places were nearby. Immediately across the street I saw Wendys, McDonalds, and KFC, which struck me as both surprising and amusing, enough so that I asked Adam what sort of place would be located right across the street from them. A hotel, of course, and it's good for business for everybody involved, but I digress, in such that the obvious answer wasn't part of the dream. There was still a problem however, being that I didn't see any convenience stores, and, having brought my laptop along, thought it would be quicker to search Google Maps. That idea had a problem in and of it's own though, being that I didn't know the address of the hotel, or even which city we were located in, so I had to look outside for any landmarks or other unique locations.

The first thing that caught my eye was a building across the street, which was either a bar or another hotel, bearing a large sign hanging from the facade of the building, bearing the name "Sultry Julie's". I know that for a fact, and the influence behind my brain picking such a name isn't entirely a mystery, but how that name was invented wasn't part of the dream either, so I won't go into it any more other than saying the name came from a TV show.

Anyways, having the information I needed, I went back over to my laptop and opened Google Maps to see what it would find. I do remember the exact search string I used, if it's of any significance, being "convenience store loc:sultry julie's, on, canada". It returned two results, one of which was way up in central northern Canada, and the other was somewhere between The Yukon and Northwest Territories, which can be seen with a fair level of approximation by opening Google Maps right now and looking for the green patch in the lower center of the two. It was green in my dream as well, but at any rate, I zoomed in a bit, hoping to see signs of a city, or any other indication that would show I was looking at the right place, but saw nothing. Not being satisfied, I zoomed in even more, and one level before maximum zoom, a message from Google Maps appeared with directions regarding how to navigate at the final level. They more or less said that you could click the walls and drag "yourself" along to get where you wanted to go, so I zoomed in that final bit, of course, and immediately saw people standing inside this red-rocked / walled canyon, as if it were in street view or something. As such, remembering Google Maps' message, I clicked the wall and dragged back a little bit (so as to move forward), but can't remember if anything happened after that, because the dream ended.

2] Despite being quite certain it was no longer installed, a Pidgin chat window was open, and somebody was sending me messages. It was Cola, although going by a different name then, sending about twenty different messages, presumably all to the effect of asking me if I was still around, because that's what the first one said. I didn't read the rest though, for being sort of worried about what they would say, and woke up before having a chance to.

3] We drove by Bun(s) Master here in Chatham, and I tried to make out their hours, because I actually do want to go there sometime soon and see if they still have / possibly buy some of the things I always wished I had money for there when we used to go there after church when I was younger. All I remember seeing though was that the absolute latest they were open throughout the whole week was 1pm, and that was only on one day. My final thought before waking up was that seemed like really early to go there by any means, so I'll have to call them during the coming week to find out what their actual hours are.

4] I was talking to Naomi at home, I think, and she told me it was too bad I already bought the speakers she wanted for Christmas from Staples, and for $90 at that, because they were on sale for $30 (I think) at Walmart. I actually thought that one was real until I woke up later and realized it had been a dream.

5] I do so wish I could write about the fifth because it was absolutely awesome, but its subject matter was more a private one. Although what I can say is at the end I felt what can only be described as the most awesome feeling of belonging, or being in the right place. Perhaps saying "deep, profound satisfaction" would be even better, but that seems somewhat excessive.

Oh, and this is a bit delayed now, but before I started writing the stuff in that cut, I received an interesting email. A forwarded message that comes down to saying "Send this to all your friends you think need a hug, and if more than five send it back, you are a saint". Almost immediately I wrote a reply to him asking he not do that again, and about ten minutes after that BCCd everybody else he had forwarded it to, asking that if they had my address in their contacts list because of that, would they be able to oblige me by removing it. I do feel that was a bit hasty now though, because just being able to see my address doesn't mean it was automatically added to their list (I'd think that would be done when they sent me a message if anything, for which I may have only made matters worse by contacting them. Time will tell, I guess, and now I have to finally read this other email regarding my newest commission bought on Furbid, which from what I can see contains a revised copy of the sketch. So I will have that to upload tomorrow, but for now, just reading it at least, then later, if I can stay up that long and Adam works, going to McDonalds for breakfast because I have today off <3 Oh, and Pic Pic too, but that leaves plenty to do by any means~

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