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If I'd Known Sooner...

As mentioned last week sometime, Mom's birthday was on Tuesday and, being at work from 5-8, therefore missing any celebrations, figured it wouldn't be necessary to get her a card or anything this year, but I felt a bit bad for having done that. Skip ahead to yesterday night before I left for work, and I asked for clarification on something she'd mentioned a couple weeks prior. Something else she would like for Christmas if, for whatever reason, I wasn't able to find the DVD she wanted (she still doesn't know anything about it other than me telling her I'd look). The gift? A subscription to Reader's Digest, because to the best of my understanding, Grandpa or Grandma (does it ever feel weird typing that...) used to have one, and gave her the magazines when they were finished reading them, which she quite enjoyed. Anyways, the title come in when I figure that I could've given her the DVD as a birthday present and something to take the place of a card, then "given" her a subscription to Reader's Digest for Christmas, but it's too late for that now.

I still did take a look at the site yesterday, and found that a one year subscription is about $30. Of course, their policy for cancellation (at the end of the year) is that the customer needs to do that instead of them asking "Would you like to renew?", but that's to be expected. Then the feeling of detachment on the site overall was quite apparent, and thus really not something I expected before. Not that it will have an adverse effect on anything, but I always saw that magazine (and therefore everybody involved in producing and distributing it) as being more closely bound together, but that isn't the case. Meh. For now though, I sent them a message asking when the first magazine would arrive (the same month of the subscription, or the one after), and whether or not they could put a different name on the "Somebody gave you a subscription!" card they apparently send. If I do get that for her, it's not going to take too much work to figure out who it was, but I'd like that to remain a mystery for at least a short length of time. Being as it was Sunday today, they haven't responded yet, but hopefully tomorrow, so I'll have to wait and see.

Otherwise today, I've been... doing a hell of a lot of work in Pic Pic, I guess. It may not seem like too much, because I've only completed 19 puzzles for the day right now (and yes, the 20th will be done once I finish this entry), but they're all fairly large (either 485×485 or 485×545 (pixels)), so I'm pleased. The second Magipic puzzle continues to elude me (even though I finished the third on my second try), but I'll give that another try tonight too, because I almost had it before I went to bed yesterday, but screwed up somewhere in one of the corners. Not that it's related, but I'm also somewhat frustrated with myself regarding that new commission. When I first set out to describe what I wanted, I had a solid vision in my mind, and everything seemed to make sense, but now that it's come down to me having received two sketches (the second of which can be seen here, by the way), and it still didn't seem quite right, but then it hit me. I'm thinking of a view from behind and off to the side, which would completely obscure, well, my face, I guess. As such, I figured that perhaps a view from the side, but turned forward / to the right maybe twenty degrees would be better (so it'd still be like standing off to the side, but still with the face in view), but if that doesn't work, I'm just going to ask to go back to the original sketch, except looking up at the sky instead of having head turned to face outwards, and a couple other minor changes that have already been worked out. It's frustrating, really (entirely on my part), but the how / why is sort of weird.

For now though, I'm going to leave any thoughts of that until I see what will presumably be a third sketch (which is the same reason I intend to compensate her afterwards for these repeated changes), and in the meantime play Pic Pic until I get tired. Shouldn't be too much longer now~

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