Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Time is Running Out

Both in an immediate, and somewhat distant sense.

Closer to the moment, it's almost 7am and I still haven't gone to bed, for working on Pic Pic since I got home (around 2) and completing ten more puzzles, since I didn't do any earlier today. Was in quite an irritable mood when I finally got out of bed, because I set my alarm for 3pm, figuring otherwise I'd sleep in later than that, but didn't want to let my sleep "patterns" get too out of hand. Unfortunately, I woke up the first time about ten minutes before that, feeling this immutable nagging, even while asleep, that my alarm was going to go off soon, and as such, when I saw what time it was, set the alarm ahead to 4, and went back to sleep. The problem was that last hour. While I was, for all intents and purposes "dead to the world", I didn't have what could even remotely be called a good rest. I was either worrying about the time, or thinking about that commission (I refer you to my previous entry), which somehow was able to keep me from falling fully asleep. I can't remember what time I got out of bed after that, but I know my alarm didn't go off, and from then until I went to work, everything was just annoying. From having pillows in the window to block the sunlight to the thought of having to leave for work at 7 (insignificant to sensible, thus), my mood was of the "Touch me and I'll rip your head off" sort.

That has definitely changed now, helped mostly by work being slow and setting aside any forethought regarding my actions, but the main point is that I hope to get a better sleep tonight. At least I'd better, considering the time, but we'll see.

As for the second subject of the title, the Christmas gift idea I wrote about yesterday night. The reply I received says that yes, they can put a different name on the "So and so gave you a subscription" card, but need that information by November 7th, so if I'm going to buy one for Mom, it will be done so on Thursday, and definitely at the expense of more money going into my bank account. As for the question about when the first magazine would be received, they usually start on January, but that can be changed at the customer's discretion. It will be rather complicated, but I'm more concerned with the deadline for the notification card. For now, this depends on what I see when I get my pay stub tomorrow night, I guess.

Given the time right now though, I'm going to bed. Back to work both tomorrow and Wednesday which is alright if anything, and otherwise, that just leaves the dishes before heading out for my next shift. Oh, and adding a note to Rainlendar about haircut appointments on the 20th too, but that's easy enough~

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