Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Much for Saving

No matter which way I go about it, my pay this week is entirely spoken for. Technically about $45 of that could be seen as optional, but for right now I just plan on trying not to drop below $1,600, and hoping to make more next week. Sure, there isn't a great chance of that happening, what with getting so very many days off lately, but I can still hope. That was probably the worst part of last night, closely followed by having to make sure the store was extra-clean, because Shawn is supposed to be down for the whole day today. Whether that means he'll be there until when the dining room closes remains to be seen, but the latest I've seen him there in a while was ~8:30, and that was on another day that he was said to have been around for the whole afternoon. Hopefully that won't prove to be a big deal, because tonight is my last shift until Sunday, so to end on a satisfactory note would be nice.

I can't think of much else to say otherwise today. Pretty much immediately went to Pic Pic last night when I came home, and spent about four hours completing seven more puzzles, so level 3 is about halfway done, but at the expense of it sucking up all of my time <3 As yet there's nothing else I would do with that time though, so meh.

Tomorrow might be a bit more interesting, because there'll be a bunch of running around to do in the afternoon, to the bank and Money Mart and Real Canadian Superstore, then maybe out to Sobeys later at night after that, because even with lack of money I'd like to pick up just one bag of Halloween candy. After that, probably just more of the same like the past several days, but that's just the way things go I guess. The past two nights I was going to sleep with stuff running through my head that I had forgotten to write about, and then that ended almost as soon as it had started, so yeah. Although going back to the first paragraph for a moment, I do have about $20 extra now, because I was assuming this week's pay was the only one between now and going to get our hair cuts on the 20th, but looking at the calendar here, there's actually a second one on the 19th. Mind you, I would still strongly prefer to have more, but that's a given no matter what time it is.

Anyways, in the interest of me not sitting here until 7 trying to think of stuff to write about, I'm going back to Pic Pic. Maybe I can get five more puzzles done before leaving for work~

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