Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What an Awful Choice

Reference once again to that "Curiosity killed the cat" adage. Steve was complaining last night that the grease trap was starting to back up again, which it has done countless times before, and is always easily determined by the... unique smell. Rather appropriately, I got put on drive through tonight, and ended up having ten or so minutes without any customers after all the dishes were caught up, so I decided to pull the lid off and have a look inside, and saw this (which may or may not be a nice picture depending upon your disposition). It should do for at least a couple days more though, and even after that it's good to know that cleaning it out in the future, at least in terms of it overflowing and making a mess, is a simple matter of popping the lid off and scooping the stuff out

Also somewhat related to work, a less-serious question that was on my mind before the End World Hunger thing ended. When asking customers "Would you like to donate a dollar to help end world hunger?", some of them would say "No, thanks." Why thank me? I'm not offering you anything, outside of possibly acknowledging your philanthropic interests, and even then, by saying no, you're completely destroying that theory. Now, perhaps if I were to have asked "Would you like to not donate a dollar?", their answer would make more sense, but so doing would invite other questions. "Do you mean 'Yes, you don't want to donate' or 'No, you don't want to not donate?" Weird thoughts, but I can also understand the ingrained idea of politeness and blurting out that response without really thinking of what you're saying. To give a little more merit to this paragraph, judging by the sheet in the office, we may be getting that Black Jack Taco as our next promotion. The dates were November 23rd to January 10th, but the weird part about it was the sheet mentioning "Crisis product recovery", but all I can guess towards the meaning of that is that it didn't go over well in the states, to they want to bring it here in hopes that it'll be more popular. We'll see, I guess.

In the meantime, I've been having a pretty standard night since getting home. Finished up to puzzle 240, faster than I did yesterday, and judging by where the arrow is now, it's definitely quite reasonable to assume I'll be into level 4 by the time I go back to work. Of course, there won't be a whole lot of time for that tomorrow afternoon, because I have at least four places to go for sure. The bank to get money for Mom and Dad, McDonalds because I found one of those Monopoly pieces for a free ice cream cone outside at work last night, then to Money Mart so I will have the funds necessary to cover November's fees, as well as enough to buy that Reader's Digest subscription for Mom, and then out to Real Canadian Superstore. I kind of want to see if Bun(s) Master is open before going to any of those other places as well, but at least for this week, that might fall under the category of unnecessary spending.

At any rate, we'll see tomorrow, and for now, it's bedtime. Well, within the hour, to be fair~

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