Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Who Made This Decision?

Much earlier this afternoon, I finally got around to filling out the subscription information for Mom's other Christmas present, and was immediately confronted with a message saying the shipping and billing addresses couldn't be the same. Honestly, who decides that? In the end I phoned them and was able to place the order that way, with the addition of making the lady on the other end laugh when I told her I wanted the name on the gift card to be "Santa Claus", so at least that's done. Well, that is to say it would seem so, but logging into my account right now, my balance still shows as $61.32, when I loaded only $60 onto the card before we went grocery shopping. I really wish it would change as well, because I couldn't make out whether the total was ~$30 or ~$50, and if it's the latter, I definitely have to put some more money on it tomorrow. Yeah, I should've asked for confirmation, but I didn't, and at least the repercussion of that is minimal.

Should it have changed by tomorrow, I might actually see about going to Money Mart again, because, well, there was still plenty of Halloween candy to be picked from at Real Canadian Superstore, but none of what I was looking for. The red boxes / bags labeled "[something] Favorites" that come with Kit-Kat, Coffee Crisp, and Aero chocolate bars along with boxes of Smarties. Thinking myself clever, I decided to not buy anything there and go to Sobeys after I had taken care of some things at home in hopes that they would have a wider selection, but as it turned out they didn't have anything at all. Actually, they did, but only bags of the aforementioned variety that were $6.99 for a package of twenty, which was way too expensive. Therefore, I plan to either walk or get a ride out to Real Canadian Superstore later today, and stop by Money Mart during one of those trips. Then McDonalds too, because I haven't used my free ice cream thing yet, and I really should before I forget about it and / or the expiration date passes.

Otherwise, this has been a typical day off, at least as of late. Fifteen more puzzles done in Pic Pic, and the size has increased again (now up to 545×655px), and I did finally finish the second Magipic one, which was a frog. Then the one after it too, so as before, it's nice to know how to do those puzzles now. Not that it's related, but one other thing I need to remember tomorrow is to back everything up, as per usual. It's been a while since I last did that, and started earlier by moving the remaining episodes of Rugrats and whatnot to the appropriate hard drive, so I might as well finish while I have the time.

I can't think of much else to say aside from that though, so the best thing to do is lay down and go to sleep. At least today hasn't been entirely uneventful~

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