Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just at the Last Minute

"Last day" might be a more accurate description in this case, but when I went out to Real Canadian Superstore earlier today, all the Halloween candy that was just inside the larger part of the building when we went grocery shopping was gone. What's more, I happened to notice while getting milk on Thursday that they had some boxes of candy on one of the shelves at the very back of the building too, but today they were replaced by what looked like boxes of Christmas decorations. So yeah. It's definitely a good thing that I asked for a ride, because I still was able to locate what stuff they had left and bought three packages (indeed <3) which turned out to be quite heavy. On that note, it's definitely a sign that Christmas is quickly approaching when they have decorations up all along the back wall and whatnot. Still seems a bit early, but then again I've been listening to Christmas music on and off for the past two days myself so I'm not one to talk ^^;

Continuing on the topic, I also had another chance to go to Money Mart, and put another $20 on my card there, so one way or another there's enough to cover both the monthly fees and price of the Reader's Digest subscription if it does indeed turn out to be ~$50. I'd really like to know what the delay is, at that, but perhaps it's just normal and the order will be processed next week. Although that doesn't make sense either, because I was given a deadline of November 7th to contact them if I wanted the name on the gift card to be changed, and one would hope they'd not do that without acquiring payment. Nothing much can be done about it for now though, and as far as both of us are concerned, I've paid, which is the only obligation I was required to fulfill.

Moving on, a rather interesting curiosity. Last week I received an email written almost entirely in Japanese, that appeared to be some sort of account registration notice from PSN Japan. I was tempted to write it off as spam and click the appropriate button in Gmail as such, but decided to archive it instead, because the idea of somebody registering with my email address was plausible enough (I couldn't say how they found my address though), and I figured if they were going to that much trouble, I might as well let them be unless anything malicious ever came about as a result. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do with the account because I don't know the password, or the date of birth given upon registration (I've already tried mine), but despite that it's funny in an odd way. I received another email from them (PSN Japan) today, which is what brought on the desire to write about this in here, but it's content was not much more than a list of new / upcoming games, with longer paragraphs devoted to a select few. LocoRoco - Midnight Carnival, "PixelJunk", and "Ghost in the Shell", that I can see without consulting Google's translator. As stated at the beginning of this paragraph, it's a curiosity if nothing else, so for now I'm just going to sit back and see what happens. For example, I would assume there's a message board on there, and it would make sense that private messages sent to any specific member could also be forwarded to their email address. That does assume this other entity hasn't disabled such an option, but for the time being I'm counting on that.

That aside, it's been another typical day. Should be getting at least one more sketch from Streetlights on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that, but otherwise, it's 7:40am, and the reason for me being up so early should be all too clear by now. Fifteen puzzles left in level 3, and I finished the same number today (actually 18, but I accidentally did 3 of level 4's without realizing), so perhaps tomorrow will end up going the same :3 Well, with the addition of going to Tim Hortons maybe, because I want another sandwich, and have more than enough in cash to buy one. We'll just have to see then~

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