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Karadur Inacu 

Pretty Busy, but Fun Night

Now that was actually a pretty fun close. Unfortunately, by that, I mean the closing part was fun (from 3am on), but the rest of the night mostly sucked. Since I don't feel like jumping all around to various parts of the night, here's what went on, from start to beginning (I do this an awful lot, don't I?).

My shift started at 8, so when I got there, I went to the back to look at the schedule first, then Mark came back, just about yelling at the people that were supposed to be on line about how the boards were full, then asked me to go up and help as well, so I did. I expedited for a bit, then suddenly our steamer disappeared, right as we had an order which included, among other things 20 hard tacos, so I started making those, and just finished them, when Sarah came up, and asked if she could start steaming.

I didn't see any reason to tell her no, so I started stuffing, and Steve continued expediting, then Sarah asked us to switch, because things would go faster if I was in Steve's position. After the orders were all done, I wiped down line, and Steve brought up 7 pans for cold line and started bagging them. I told him we wouldn't be able to bag things right away, but we finished the pans anyways, and set them aside. Then some more orders came, which brought us up to about 10.

By then, Ange had arrived, as had Glenda, seeing as she got called in. Me and Steve were still on line, although the orders weren't nearly as frequent then. At 11, we got a rather small rush, then things just died down completely for nearly an hour. Everyone got something to eat, but we never bothered going out to sit down or anything.

Around quarter to 12, Glenda asked me and Ange if we could fill up the ice in the dining room, so we set about doing that, and then she (Ange) started bothering me about "Crystal". Honestly, I haven't told them anything yet, so I find it rather strange that they're not yet starting to suspect that there's nothing going on after all. Either way, she continued pestering me about it, and I finally gave in, and told her that I'd email her with the details before Christmas.

What I plan on doing is typing everything up in a text file, uploading it to my Freewebs account, posting a link to it in an entry here, and referring her to that entry, and letting her figure out what to do from there. Yeah, it's alot of bother, but in this case, I want to have someone else know what's going on, but I'd rather tell them indirectly.

She seemed content with that though, so either today or tomorrow, I really need to sit down and take the time to write that thing out. I don't plan on sending her an email until Christmas though, just for the irony of it :)

Anyways, back to tonight. After we finished doing ice, she started making the orders that were on the boards, so I asked her if she was alright there for a little while, because I'd go back to catch the dishes up, so I did. Really though, I ended up washing about half of them, then getting sidetracked to rotate stock in the walk-in, clean the fry dump, and a couple other things.

That brought us all the way up to about 1:30. At that point, cars were wrapped around the building, which we assumed was simply an early bar rush. No though. From 1:30 straight through to 3, the orders didn't stop.

What's more, the delivery came at 2. Poor guy couldn't even bring the truck into the parking lot with all the cars that were out there. At 3 though, we closed, and went outside for a 5 minute break. After that, I started on line, and was up to wiping everything down for the last time, when Glenda came up asking if there was anywhere else she could put the cold stuff, as there was no room in the freezers at the back.

That led to me spending a good half hour in the walk-in trying to organize things. It was fun :D The boxes were literally blocking the whole thing, so I had to take my shoes off, and climb up across various boxes of torts and stuff just to get things in their proper places.

We got out of there around 4:30, which was bad, but alright considering the circumstances. Especially seeing as we had a new guy on tonight. I think his name was John. For his first close, he did quite well. No complaints about how busy we were, or anything of the sort.

So I'm back again at 9 tomorrow, although there is a good chance someone will try to call me in early. As far as I know right now though, provided noone calls in sick, me, Ange, Steve, Sarah, and John will be working. That seems like a pretty decent crew. Of course though, five people are scheduled for Friday, and watch. We'll only have four for Saturday.

Meh. After some thinking tonight, I realize that my main frustration with that place is being on line with someone, and constantly having to tell them that there's no tomatoes or onions or lettuce or whatever else on an order, or what starts and ends another order. Ideally, having two people on line, who both know what they're doing would work quite well. That way, you can trust the other person to be checking their boards for anything special about a given order.

Tonight, during the final leg of the bar rush, we had an order that included a family pack, and there was nothing special about it, so I just set about making the tacos and whatnot, not saying so much as a single word to the other people. I found that that way, I was able to focus more on what I was doing, rather than having to concentrate on steaming, and watching whoever else was with me to make sure they were doing things the proper way.

Anyways, Dad's up, so I should be getting to bed pretty soon. I just had enough excitement for now anyways. I found, downloaded, and used the 3.02OE firmware flasher for my PSP, and it worked. Scared the hell out of me at first though. I tried to go into the "System settings" menu, to verify that the new firmware version did indeed show, and it kept giving me the "Your settings are corrupt. Press o to return them to their default state". I pressed o, and it took so long to start up afterwards I thought it had been bricked.

Oh, and I also had some fun with the computer in Naomi's room earlier. From now on, when she starts it up, she'll be greeted by an MS-DOS prompt telling her that c:\WINDOWS\System\shell32.dll is corrupt, and to press any key to fix it. Then it returns an error about how the operation failed, and to insert the original Windows 98 CD. No matter if she had one or not, then it gives an error about "Invalid Windows CD. This copy of Windows is not genuine". Fun :p

With that, I'm going to bed though.

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