Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Improvement Overall

So I find myself here again. 5:46 in the morning, and I've not much to do. Just got around to plugging my PSP in finally because it needed to charge, and it's quite nice being able to reach down beside my bed and only feel one cord as opposed to a whole bunch tangled together. Went searching around for a ROM of The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy earlier, back at the beginning of the hour or so, and would like to play it some before my shift starts tomorrow. We had, and still might have the actual cartridge, but as at least one of the reviews on GameFAQs says, there are no save points in it at all, which makes the game quite hard. On top of that, you only have three lives, and to get more, you have to find puzzle scrolls scattered about (I can only remember one though), and complete a sliding puzzle to rearrange pieces of parchment with the phrase "Hocus Pocus Busy Wizzy Conjure Up Another Dizzy" on them. As well as a picture of stork for some odd reason, but the thing about them is the time limit. The only other thing I can remember about the game at the moment is a triceratops found some ~4 screens to the left of where you start the game. Normally it would attack and kill you, but by getting as close as possible without it charging and "dropping" a whole chicken, it (the chicken) would fly up off the screen and the dinosaur would run after it never to be seen again :B

At least I hope my schedule will permit that, because I only have three shifts on the new one, and am not about to play it here because that'd lead to giving up on Pic Pic and all the work I've done to date would be put to waste. Admittedly I've only done two in this whole day, but that was enough to bring me up to having exactly 300 done, and given their size now, five all in one go (without diverting to other things) might be a bit ambitious. Although it might be just as well, because I did one before leaving for work earlier, and that feeling of being tired I mentioned in my previous entry had almost completely disappeared. Mind you, I'm not terribly tired right now either, and haven't touched the emulator in a couple hours, so for all I know the two things aren't related after all. Getting back to my schedule for one more minute, I went to the bank right after leaving work to check my balance, and it's at $1,709 even after the money put on my mastercard and the ~$16 that went to Halloween candy. There's no way it won't be going below that before next time I get paid, unfortunately, but it's still nice to see that not buying stuff at 7-11 just because I have the night off or whatever is having an effect.

Might as well get ready for bed right now though. Nothing to do tomorrow aside from work, but I sent an email to Michele when I got home, and depending on her reply, I might have to force myself to get out of bed earlier on Tuesday so I go to sleep earlier as well. Well, there was one other option crossing my mind, but it was staying up from when I got out of bed until when I'd normally be laying down again the next morning / night, because that way I'd be getting a better and more satisfying sleep. I mean, think about it. That trip we took to Mississauga a while ago. I got about two, maybe three hours of sleep between when we left Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon, and it was the best feeling ever to come back up to my room, unpack everything, and just lay down to sleep for a couple hours. Although I suppose part of that would also be due to having just come home from the trip, but it's still a feasible enough thought. I might even suggest doing that tomorrow night, what with having Tuesday off and all, but I don't think so. Not right now anyways, and I do need to be getting to bed despite having said I would be ten minutes ago, so I just need to put a couple new games on my DS, and I think that'll be it~

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