Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Needs to be Changed

Gmail Notifier just startled me significantly with the sound it makes when you receive a new email. In this case it's one from LiveJournal about somebody's birthday coming up, but that's beside the point. Although to my understanding the sound isn't part of the program, but rather comes with Windows, and is seemingly the official mail notification sound. Of course, like anything else it can be changed from the appropriate window, but finding an un-obnoxious sound to use is another thing entirely. The closest I've come is one of two or three bits of this song (I can't find the exact spots right now), but even that's not quite as easy as it sounds, because even isolating those specific parts would still include the music / noise in the background. Or I could do the more sensible thing and just disable it, but that comes down to a weird matter of purism <3

It seems equally fitting that most mornings when I wake up and open my laptop to see a new email about something or another, I'm able to find the volume knob even being half asleep still, and turn it down before the sound plays. Just one of those things, I guess.

Michele did indeed get back to me today though, the result of which is me going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, rather against my will, but one day in three weeks won't hurt, and it has to be better than sitting here. Then work as well, but even that could be worse because the store owner and his son are supposed to be in tomorrow to conduct an inspection of their own. Most likely in the morning, because even they have to realize the place will be far cleaner then than at any other time during the day. Also good for that was having tonight off, because I'm free of worrying whether or not our close might not have been good enough. Such is obviously the reason I would've hated to be in Manoah's position tonight, but being as he's a manager, he probably has far more clout than we would in the case of saying "We all did our best, so hopefully this is good enough."

I also received another email with a new sketch of that commission mentioned a while back, but at least for tonight, I'm going to leave uploading it until tomorrow. Too early right now, and I should probably respond to her first ^^;~

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