Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost Not Worth It

From what I heard at work tonight, the store owner and co. were around in the morning, for all of ten minutes or so. They were pleased with how clean everything was, and I'm told said the place had never been so clean before, but it almost seems like wasted effort. Three days worth of extra cleaning for a ten minute visit? Sure, it could've been worse, because they might have decided to stay the whole day, or if only two days worth of cleaning had been done things might not have been acceptable, but it's kind of funny in the wrong way. However, as is mostly normal I shouldn't be worrying about that, what with having two days off now. Followed by many more, actually, because I'm back on Saturday for an 8-close shift, then 8-12 on Sunday, then four more days off, another two shifts on, one of which is a close and the other an 8 to midnight, then another two days off. Kind of good because that should give me more than enough time to finish Pic Pic, but our hours are getting drastically cut quite early this year.

Outside of work, I'm rather tired right now because of having to get up early for Heart and Stroke today, which was sort of productive altogether. Sorted out and organized 60 moderately heavy boxes containing all the kits for this year's P2P campaign, then counted whistles, made up a few more birthday things for the board they have of them, and was told to call it a day. Not before somebody looking like they were about to run into me while crossing the street to go to the post office, then also turning down the chance to get a free t-shirt <3 Each of the whistles had some information card about Big Bike attached to them, but they also came with a note saying to look for the "colorful sticker" because finding would get you a t-shirt. Sure enough, I encountered four of the things, and Michele, wanting to be nice, asked of I wanted one, but no, thanks. For now though I have to email her next week in regards to whether or not she wants me to come in then, and also after the appropriate amount of time, send her another email saying I won't be able to attend the Christmas party this year, because she gave me one of the flyers they made for this year's, and said I should let her know by the end of the month. Although my answer is "No" not only because I feel it the best choice, all certain things considered, but also because the menu choices this year looked hardly appetizing. My tastes have changed somewhat from when I was a child, in that I can now stand mustard and mayonnaise and all those other sauces aside from ketchup and whatnot (just for an example, that is), but I still cannot stand vegetables. And all the choices did involve them in one way or another ;_;

The only other option is to bring money and pay for my own meal, but in that case I might as well be going on my own instead of waking up early and being there by 11. There's nothing short of still being up at that time or some sort of natural disaster that could cause me to be out of bed then these days.

Since I'm starting to metaphorically run out of steam now though, the one other thing I mentioned doing tonight yesterday. The newest sketch of the commission can be seen here. It's not without its own problems, namely with the arm and pants that look like shorts, but the angle is definitely better. That's exactly what I said in my reply too, so for now, I'm not sure what to expect next. Perhaps a more finished-looking sketch, or maybe we'll just go straight to the finished image. I could've asked that too, but still have no reason to be in a rush, so all that matters is getting there eventually.

In the meantime, and more immediate, I need to go to bed before it becomes 7:00 and I start falling asleep sitting up like this. I downloaded a new DS game a few days ago which is pretty much a 3D version of Picross, so that's serving well to keep me occupied in between Pic Pic's Drawing and Magipic puzzles. Also for something to make me tired enough to fall asleep, which is exactly the purpose it will serve tonight~

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