Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Getting Ready for Another Shift

So, 50 minutes to go before I have to leave for work. Bleh. I probably should've washed my uniform, seeing as last night, Ange, while on line, asked me if it was possible to make half a red sauce, and I told her yes, so I went to grab a packet of the sauce powder, and apparently the last person to have used it didn't bother putting it in a plastic bag or anything, and put it upside down in the box, so I picked the bag up, and dumped the powder all over my shirt and on the floor :x I was able to wipe it out with a paper towel though, so it'll do for at least one more shift.

Tonight could go either way in terms of how busy we are. The one thing I was thinking about though is that Christmas is only a couple days away, so there's a good chance that people might be traveling, and thus not nearly as many people would come to Taco Bell. Of course, the ratio of people on the road, to people that are staying at home for Christmas is probably pretty small, so at most, we could end up with 10 less cars than normal.

The one thing I do hope goes according to plans tonight is Sarah actually being there. That way, me and John can take turns stuffing and expediting, and me and Sarah can take over for the other steaming every hour or so, and the person that's not on line at any given point can work on dishes or get whatever else done that needs to be. That's not to say we all have to be on line either. I'm assuming Steve will be on drive through for the first part of the night, so eventually, someone could go down to help cash him out, or to start taking orders.

Today's been pretty boring once again though. Woke up around 4, played some more Twilight Princess, went upstairs for about 10 minutes to play some Mario on my PSP, then went on the computer, and I have been since :s

It was the boredom that actually got me to thinking that it'd be fun to get in to work, to actually have something to do, but I'm in no rush right now though :p

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