Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such an Awesome Day

Mostly sarcasm, of course, but insofar as that I've gone downstairs maybe three times, left my room about four more than that just to run across the hallway to the bathroom, and haven't eaten anything aside from cereal, two cheese strings, and far too much Halloween candy. I'm actually trying to work through it as quickly and reasonably as possible, because the idea of going to 7-11 or Tim Hortons seems wasteful when I have snacks here. Maybe tomorrow night though, because if it ends up anything like today was, such a trip will be well justified. The reason I spent so much more time up here today was working on Pic Pic, as you might expect, and I finished twenty puzzles. Be sure to note I started at about 5pm and finished around 3am, with a couple hours spread out where I was taking breaks, but the result of that is being at 335/400, and the remaining 65 will be easily finished during the many days off I have coming.

I'm a little more uncertain about Magipic and the mazes though. The latter wouldn't be too hard, because I could just muddle my way through each maze then erase the trails in the dead-end paths when I can see the whole thing at once, but I've been working on the 400th Magipic puzzle before going to bed for the past couple nights, and just yesterday before finally nodding off, gave up on it after a full hour (accumulated throughout those nights), because I couldn't see any other clues. I know that will get better with time, because there are certain patterns I don't yet have the ability to notice (one referenced in the tutorial was something like the middle three boxes between a 5 and 6 will always be filled in), but for now, I guess sticking with the normal progression of puzzles would be the better idea.

However, that's not to say I've spent the entire day playing the game. I spent about thirty minutes earlier fiddling around with Styler and finding a new visual style to use, then further customizing the fonts to get them the way they had been in the one I had applied before, and for some reason now Firefox doesn't play well with me doing that, so it froze. I restarted it, obviously, but was then prompted to update Personal Menu and StumbleUpon. Thinking nothing of it, I clicked the continue button and waited, but when the browser finally started up, I noticed the changes I had made to those two extensions had been overwritten. StumbleUpon was an easy fix, but Personal Menu required completely replacing the extension's .jar file. Things are back to normal now, and I just took the extra measure of disabling checking for updates to extensions (all of them these days would be for Firefox 3), but that was still unexpected. At least it happened after I'd finished with Pic Pic for the night, or I might still be now ^^;

Anyways, unlike last night getting to sleep this morning isn't going to be quite so easy, so I might as well get to Rittai Picross or Pic Pic and see how quickly they can tire me out. By that I mean it's already 7am again and I'm barely tired (and just noticed the time on the "Post an Entry" page automatically updates now...), but I don't want to get too carried away. Sleeping in late is nice, but just waking up at 5pm or so?... Not so much~

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