Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Definitely the Better Choice

7-11 not having two of the things I wanted to buy there led me to go to both Tim Hortons and Giant Tiger as well earlier tonight.

Tim Hortons was just for a sandwich and one of those new pomegranate cheese danishes which I got the last one of after some other lady ahead of me in line ordered one as well, but it was while standing at the counter before placing my order that the fun thing happened. Some girl walked up to me, motioned over to a group she was with in the corner, and said they all wanted to touch my tail, but were too scared or something to actually come up and do that. In fun, of course, and I said I would be over there just as soon as I got my stuff, and that's exactly what I did. Not before she sat back down then came up to me again about a minute later asking what my name was though, and as with that cop who asked back during the summer, I said "You can call me 'Kar'. With a K, not a C" whereupon she walked back over to the table and sat down again. So after I was given my sandwich, I went over there too, and was introduced by that girl who told everybody they could touch my tail, and I even held it up to show that I didn't mind (just don't do it by surprise), but the only one who did was that girl (I can't remember her name, obviously), followed by her saying "See? I did it!" Everybody else laughed, and I told her "It seems like they're getting you to do their work for them" or something to that effect, and the thing I remember after that was her telling them "So now you don't have to laugh whenever he comes in", then inviting me to sit down. Not really wanting to, I made up an excuse about having to go home and get ready for work, then told everybody "It was nice to meet you" and walked away towards the door.

So that was fun, and definitely unexpected when all I get asked the rest of the time is what it's for / about, but yeah :3 As for Giant Tiger, let me just say I didn't even think of it as a place to buy Christmas gifts from. Not that I bought anything tonight, at least for anyone else, but I'm definitely going back early next week to look around further. There were at least a couple shelves of boxed chocolates and other candy, as well as at least one with decorations, so I'll definitely be able to buy some, if not all of the edible gifts I plan on getting there instead of at Real Canadian Superstore.

Suffice it to say in the end I came home with way too much food, but I'm still glad I went ^^ Not so much for sitting here most of the afternoon working on Pic Pic, but another fifteen puzzles are done, so I'm up to 350, and the last five were another size larger than the preceding 10 which wasn't quite expected, but it worked out well enough for me to finish the 350th by 6, so meh. There are only five left in level 4, meaning level 5 is going to be comprised of a whole 45 puzzles, but even so, they'll likely be enough to keep me busy until the end of the month. After all, I'm back to work tomorrow so I'll probably only finish 5, and the same will likely be true of Sunday. Actually, assuming that, I'll be finishing ten within the next two days, and have Monday through Thursday off, and it would definitely be reasonable to try and do ten a day then, so maybe even by the end of next week. We'll see, at any rate, and hopefully it doesn't take too much longer, because I can't bring myself to do other things instead. The only repercussion that's had so far is that I still haven't backed anything up like I said I was going to last weekend, but the other problem with that is figuring out what I have on each of my external drives now. Maybe I'll have to change the names to make it a bit easier to tell...

Until then though, it's about time for bed again, because I got out of bed at ~2:30 today thinking the clock on my laptop said it was 4, and I've been rather tired all night as a result. Although I would rather not sleep in 'till 4 what with having to work tomorrow, but we'll just see what happens then, I guess~

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