Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost at the End

Pic Pic, of course. I finally finished level 4 earlier this morning which ended up seeing me stay awake until at least 8:30, but at any rate, the picture of them can be seen here. I've already done two in level 5 this afternoon as well, but they're of course decidedly bigger, so the other three will be left for when I get home. Hopefully which will be at a decent time tonight, what with being done at 12 and all, but whether or not I go straight back to that remains to be seen. I actually have precious little time right now anyways though, because it's already quarter to and I haven't gotten ready for work yet either.

One thing I noticed upon coming home last night was that there were several pizza bun things from Bun Master in the fridge, which reminded me that I still want to go there sooner or later, but for now it seems the latter will be more likely. With this coming pay, I'll be giving Mom money for gas, then would also like to buy at least some of the snack gifts I plan on giving everybody for Christmas (at Giant Tiger, obviously), as well as soaps from Soapier, and another power cord for my laptop, because the one I'm using now keeps falling out on it's own, and while that's not a problem in and of itself, I have noticed that sometimes when I plug it back in I have to move it around before the laptop realizes it's connected, and I'd strongly prefer to be a bit proactive in this case and buy one now instead of waiting until the last minute like I did with my other one.

Although it stands to reason that since I still have the rest of the little tips that came with the universal adapter connected to my other laptop, and another model-specific adapter just for it, I might be able to power this one with another one of those said tips, but I'm almost positive I've tried them all already, and they didn't work. So that will probably be something to do on Tuesday night, because I'm already thinking about walking up to work to get my pay stub then to McDonalds for my ice cream cone if I haven't before then.

For now though, I should probably get ready for work and go see what tonight's four hour shift will hold. Yesterday was fine until about 1am, so perhaps this time will be the same as well. I can only hope~

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