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My Memory is Awesome

I had completely forgotten it was Adam's birthday today up until yesterday afternoon, but the only change that made was going out to Smittys for supper. In retrospect that worked though, because I opted to walk home and go around a long way so as to visit Giant Tiger again, but ended up taking a slight detour to Bun Master so I could check their hours. They're open 'till 5 on Sunday, and 6:00 the rest of the week, plus they have a sign up saying "We take debit now!" (as opposed to "Now accepting debit!" or some other more direct message), so I'll probably be going there tomorrow :3 Originally I was thinking of Wednesday because I'll be out that way for Heart and Stroke to begin with, but I'd rather go when they're still open for a couple more hours instead of after 5 when I might have to rush to pick out what I want.

As for Giant Tiger, I bought three really tiny boxes of four chocolates apiece, for Adam, Naomi, and Dad (which I'll hopefully be able to put into their stockings), a box of "creamy mint" type candies for Naomi, and cashew brittle (as opposed to peanut brittle) for Mom. I was thinking about getting more, but at this rate I'm going to wait and see what Real Canadian Superstore has on Thursday (if anything), so I can have a more complete idea of where I'd rather go. Then for buying soaps, not quite yet, as previously stated, but it might be a bit later than originally planned anyways, because if I do go to Bun Master tomorrow I very much doubt I'll be walking up to Taco Bell to get my pay stub as well. Still, that could just as easily be done on our way out to get groceries in a couple days, and it would probably be a good idea to see if I'm absolutely sure about what I plan to buy within the next couple days.

Oh, and since it fits, I got another email from Streetlights regarding that commission, but she only says she's sorry for the wait, and should have an inked version of the picture within the next couple days. Works for me, and I really haven't noticed the delay what with Pic Pic occupying all of my spare time, so I have no complaint. Got an email from Michele today as well, but all it said was that she wants me to come in again in this week, and that I'll probably be going through the boxes I organized last Wednesday to count the kits and make sure they're all there or something. I really don't want to, but whatever. It's all of four hours, and the only reason I'd rather stay home is to work on Pic Pic. Thirty puzzles left now, but the last five were all terribly large (1085×545), and somehow I can't see them getting any smaller, which leads me to conclude that ten a day may have been a bit too ambitious, but now I see it as a matter of getting five done before midnight, because I'll almost certainly have enough time for another five after that.

I do plan on getting to bed somewhat early tonight though, so as one last thing, a brief paragraph on work last night. Specifically, the amount of time between when I got there and started working. While I was still out in the dining room, a group of four or five guys decided they were going to be clever and start meowing at me. I, however, ignored them entirely, keeping my concentration on PSPRevolution, but that wasn't enough to stop them. Even after I changed then walked back up front, they started meowing again upon seeing me (or perhaps never stopped), which led me to ask Kaitlin what she thought. Apparently the common belief there is that they were being annoying, so I should've said something to them. What am I going to say? "Stop it"? That would only have encouraged them even more, and frankly, worrying about that isn't worth my time. Maybe if some day I were to be asked "Why don't you ever meow back?" I might give them an answer, but until then, it's funny to see what everybody else thinks, I guess.

Anyways, it's almost 6 now, which means I'm about done for tonight. I need to stop staying awake until 8 in the morning, and this seems to be the most sensible way to go about that~

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