Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost Ten Hours Now

I started a new puzzle after finishing the dishes last night, having not done any throughout the rest of the afternoon. That was at 6:30, and by the time I finished the tenth it was about quarter to 4 in the morning. Although I had to redo one because I got the brilliant idea to move the cursor to the last unfilled square before copying the screens into paint because that way only one would have to be overwritten, but since I'm not sure what iDeaS' keyboard controls are yet, I had to click on it, and clicking it filled said square in, thus finishing the puzzle, and making me very unhappy. What's more, I'll probably be spending the same amount of time on it tonight, but at least I don't have anything to be up really early for tomorrow. Grocery shopping is about it, but getting hair cuts on Friday will be a more significant bother, what with having to work the same night. And with Mary, at that, but Manoah's also on to close, so maybe it won't be an entirely bad shift.

As for the rest of today, my treat will probably be to go to Tim Hortons once I'm done at Heart and Stroke and see if they have any of the danishes I went to the one across the street from the police station looking for yesterday. I did get exactly what I wanted at Bun Master, and that probably won't be the last time I go there either, but then I figured "I want another one of those pomegranate cheese danishes, but don't want to have to go to the same Tim Hortons as before lest those people bother me again", so I walked up the street to the one mentioned above, only to find that they had none whatsoever. It's kind of funny to notice the way I look at those places though. Unless I know for a fact they're open 24 hours or later than normal otherwise, I assume that they must close really early, so if I want to go it would have to be around noon or so. Such as was the case with running back and forth to the post office last year, or to Bun Master more recently. Even though it makes much more sense to assume said places would operate on a 9-5 sort of schedule, that doesn't seem entirely likely until I've been able to see for myself <3

Not too much longer now though, so I might as well start getting ready. This may end up being a shorter afternoon than normal if the work I'm given ends up being as repetitive as Michele made it sound, but I feel after giving them at least a couple months now where I did everything required of me until I was told to head home for the day, leaving an hour early this time won't be a big deal. Although I do have to remember I still haven't given Michele an answer about the Christmas party (even though I have made my decision), but in the last email I sent her, I said I would know by the end of the month, so probably next week sometime. That way it won't seem terribly unusual, but before I go off plotting like this for another ten minutes, I do need to head out and see exactly what needs to be done with all those boxes this week. Should be fun~

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