Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Done, at Long Last

Only two things to mention right now, because I had to wake up at 12:30 today and am predictably tired right now. Plus wanting to finish a couple other things before leaving for work, and while almost two hours may seem like alot, that isn't quite as much as a need this time.

Anyways, Pic Pic for one. True to my expectations, I finished the 400th puzzle at about 4:20 this morning, and did nothing more to celebrate except from going into the bathroom to have another shower because I needed to make sure my hair was extra-clean. Level 5 can obviously be seen here though, and I've been repeatedly refreshing two tabs open to GameFAQs for the past hour almost, hoping for more luck than I had when I did the same thing with Picross DS. This time, however, the only other guide available is one that lists the puzzle names, but doesn't provide the actual solutions, so that might make a difference. I do definitely plan on continuing to the mazes and Magipic puzzles, but also feel I'm due for a bit of a break right now, having spent about a month just on the drawing ones.

There are also several other more important matters I need to deal with, such as Paint.net updating earlier and somehow starting Windows Updates' service again as well, which promptly displayed a dialog box telling me updates need to be installed, and that I would have to reboot for that. systeminfo shows this laptop has now been running for almost 21 days as well, and I know I've had to stop the service at least twice since starting work on Pic Pic, so it's definitely been a while. Then also, what with all the windows and programs I've had open lately, I've scarcely seen my desktop, but now that I've closed everything that doesn't need to be running anymore, I can see that it needs to be tidied up. That was actually a task I was going to take care of some weeks ago, now that I think about it, but suffice it to say I haven't yet.

More or less there's much to do when I get home, but first and foremost I need to buy those soaps and spare laptop power adapter before spending any more money. It was actually my intention to do so last night, but fell by the wayside after deciding to have a shower right away when I finished with Pic Pic. I'll worry about all of that later though, because for now I need to go ask Naomi if she wants the rest of these sour Starburst candies then at least put some new music on my PSP. Christmas stuff, because it's about that time, but truth be told I've been listening to it on and off for the past couple weeks. It's never too early, even though other people would definitely disagree with me, but meh. I like it~

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