Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Continue to Procrastinate

Those things online will be purchased tomorrow. Maybe. I've been meaning to for some weeks now, as you might expect, but every time I realize I still haven't bought them, I decide I have more important things to do, or that I'm not in the right mood. Problem is, waiting to be in the proper state of mind is very time consuming, and even when it does happen the feeling rarely lasts for more than a minute or so, and putting it off in favor of doing other stuff is obvious in what delay it causes. So tomorrow night, because I'm done work at 12, and won't have to worry about tidying up my desktop after all, because I did that before leaving tonight. Although along with that I still might go to 7-11 on the way home, as well as also hearing on the radio tonight that Real Canadian Superstore is having another one of their no-tax sales tomorrow, and there are a couple things I want to pick up there, so I might as well see about going when I can save a little money. Aside from needing to get a better look at what they have for Christmas candy, I also want to pick up an advent calendar even though Mom bought one for each of us already. Finally, I noticed on Thursday that they have some new (as in ones that don't look like those that I already have) faux fur throws up front, and I already bought one of them, but would like to get one, or possibly both more while they're still available.

Such is my logic for lots of things, really, but as yet it hasn't posed any huge problems.

Well, there actually is one, but it's only loosely related. I've been up since 12:30am today / yesterday, and am now finally starting to get tired at quarter after 7. Assuming I get to sleep by 8, waking up again at 4 would be reasonable, but I'm not sure whether or not that would affect my chances of getting a ride out to Real Canadian Superstore. I worry too much though, in this case mostly because I was searching for verification of that sale earlier, and one of the comments on the site at which I found it said that they had gone last year and it was really hectic. In and of itself that is sort of fun, mostly because it reminds me of going to Walmart on Boxing Day with our gift cards from Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark and looking around for stuff to buy, but I don't want to risk waiting in line for ten minutes when I have to work the same night. I'm just going all over the palce right now as well, so to set things straight, I do intend to see about going there later this afternoon. Hopefully it works out well, but if not, I'll have to make do with Giant Tiger and anything Sobeys might offer. Or possibly No Frills, but I haven't been to that place enough to know whether or not they'd offer much holiday-themed stuff.

In the interest of me getting to bed before somebody else does wake up though, this is done for tonight. Back to work one more night tomorrow as already mentioned, from 8=12, but my schedule after that is a bit annoying, in such that I have a string of almost ten days where I close, have the day off, then close again, and have the day after that off followed by closing a third time. Progress might be made with GameFAQs while I'm asleep as well, but if I lay down while thinking about that, it's all I'll dream about, which will probably see me waking up several times like I did this morning to check the time in a daze then go back to sleep for another ten minutes. Fun, but it leaves enough to see about tomorrow, and that will be good enough~

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