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I Have a List This Time

For most of the afternoon I've been typing things I forgot to mention earlier into Notepad as they crossed my mind, so here they are, grouped according to their common theme.

Stuff Pertaining to Work]
First of all, tomorrow night should be interesting, because our next promotion is the Black Jack Taco. Nothing new given the ingredients, but I thought it would be a US-only item the first time I heard about it, only to eventually find that it would be brought to Canada before too long. The thing is it starts tomorrow though, so it's going to be fun seeing how many of them we sell. Such is one of the reasons I'm glad to only be working every other day for most of this week as well, but I'll just wait and see what things are like tomorrow before I make any definite conclusions.

As for things where work is just the place they happened at, there are two. The first one happened last night, where Brandon told me my cousin was outside, and for a minute I thought he was serious, and was trying to think of who in my extended family knew where I worked, and also who would be close by. Nobody came to mind though, so I went to the back with him only to have he and Manoah gesture out to a cat walking by the dumpster. Funny, but an interesting statement at the same time, and the only other thing that happened was Brandon saying it was Manoah's joke. Not that that makes a difference to me, but it only takes one extra sentence to say, so meh.

The other thing, being somewhat related to that, was a short conversation with one of the customers in the dining room on Friday night. A lady I hadn't seen before, who wanted to know what my tail and ears were for, of course, then went on to say that she always saw me walking around "downtown" which turned out to be near Tim Hortons. Just fun for having somebody else say "I see you walking around like that all the time!" when it doesn't feel like I go out that much, but then also a bit weird, because I haven't been referred to as "Kar" for some time. I can pose several suggestions as to why that is though, and it's not a bad thing aside from the brief flash of surprise. Oh, and there was also some disheveled-looking guy I ran into on the way home that same night who said he always had to laugh when he saw me, and couldn't seem to take my word for it when I said I was just doing that for fun. A neutral reaction, if anything, but nothing more than that.

Things Regarding Emails]
To begin this section, I received an email from Soapier earlier to confirm my order, and also to say that shipping to Canada was only $25, as well as that they would "get the order out as soon as possible". The pessimism in me says I really shouldn't put too much hope in that, because the same could just as easily be said to their other customers, but at the same time, if that does mean it'll be given a higher priority than the other orders, I'll be happy :3 As for the shipping, I was originally given an estimate of $40 for shipping, which is apparently only for overseas buyers, but that leaves me to wonder how I'll obtain the $15 extra now. I might as well just keep an eye on my emails from Paypal until I do get the soaps, and if nothing by then, send them an email about it.

On a slightly different note, things still haven't changed much from my point of view regarding that commission since I uploaded the newest sketch, which is getting kind of amusing now. I think it would be quite fun if I were to get the finished picture on my birthday, but for all I know right now, I could get what will hopefully be the last sketch tomorrow, because the most recent email I have from her says I would get one within the "next couple days". I don't mind the wait, just to make that clear, because I still feel a bit guilty for requiring three sketches to get the angle right, but I'm left with another option in that regard now. Originally I was going to send her another $10 once the commission was finished just to make up for the first couple false starts, but now I'm in to thinking the wait may make that unnecessary. With Pic Pic keeping me busy as it had been for the past month, I didn't even have time to give a second thought to waiting for a reply, but in this case, maybe the wait and my not being able to describe what I wanted accurately will even themselves out. Maybe not just as well, but that all depends on how things are in regards to money whenever it gets finished, because Christmas has sucked away most of what I was paid the past couple weeks, making somewhat frivolous spending like that rather difficult.

Other Miscellany that Doesn't Fit Elsewhere
We went out to Lucky In(n) for supper on Friday night. One simple statement to sum up this paragraph would be that I intend to never ever go out for supper with Adam and Naomi present again. One of the highlights was Adam smashing his fortune cookie on the table, then leaving me to clean it up after I realized he wasn't going to, but in general it's like they didn't think to themselves "Hey, I'm in a public place so maybe I should act with a modicum of common sense and respect for the other people here." Naomi was complaining about the waitress taking too long to get her drink, when the place was packed at it was obvious there'd be a wait, while Adam was just short of hollering across the entire restaurant despite only talking to us, and every time he would try to get me involved in what they were doing and I ignored him, would make a comment about how I was in a bad mood because I wasn't at home. Then once we left and got into the van, he saw fit to lift his foot / shoe up right beside my ear, so I grabbed it and pulled it off to sort of say "Stop it!", all the while with him jabbing into my neck with his fingernails. I still have red marks there too, but altogether, no. I won't make that mistake again, and if Mom and Dad want to know why, I'll just tell them I'm sick and tired of Adam and Naomi acting like children. Or maybe I'm just overreacting, but there are some things I won't stand for no matter what, and that's one of them.

The one fun part of the night was the placemats they set out on the tables. They listed the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac along with a short description of that sign's personality. Being born in 1984, mine was the Rat, and I found the part of the description that said "has difficulty maintaining long-term friendships to be quite fitting <3 They didn't go into any more detail than that, and there is considerable room to suggest exceptions to that "rule", but setting all of them aside, I definitely agree.

On a completely different topic, I decided to start into Pic Pic's Maze Paint puzzles today, and have managed to complete 50 already, which is quite a decent start by any means. Especially because level 1 is already done, but the number of puzzles and their size in that group definitely have something to do with it. They're definitely faster than Drawing though, so assuming no terrible complications, I can see being done all of them by the end of December ^^ As for the Drawing puzzles, I still haven't seen any sign of them on GameFAQs, but the numbers on the contribution status page have been increasing all weekend, so maybe I'll see them there tomorrow. If not by the end of the week though, I'll just upload them to my 4shared account and be happy with that.

The last thing for tonight (and only one not in a cut) is a dream I remember from last night. I was at Tim Hortons, having just placed an order, so I walked over to a table and sat down, because I was eating there. What would my order be but a truly massive chocolate cake, that had to be as big as two norma-sized pillows. I somehow knew that they had a contest where your name would be displayed on some sort of recognition board if you managed to eat the whole thing in one sitting, and that's obviously why I ordered it. I can't remember eating any, unfortunately, but I do remember accidentally letting it flop into somebody's soup, because they were sitting across the table from me (the cake was folded in half for whatever reason), and also two small parts of it made to look like Mario and Luigi. I can't remember what significance those had, but I know there was something special about them. Eventually, as I was nearing the last few bites, somebody asked me where they could order one, and I told them no more could be made because they didn't have any ranch sauce left (I remember that quite clearly), and was just about to wake up before I thought to myself that I should say I wished they would bring the triple chocolate cheesecakes they used to have back.

Also, this wasn't in the same dream, but as it involves eating something, it might be related. All I can remember is biting down as if to chew into some food, and waking up just in time to realize I had bitten my pillow. Just the corner, thankfully, but kind of amusing to think about ^^;

All those things aside though, it's now quarter after 7 in the morning, meaning it's about time I went to sleep. Nothing really planned for tomorrow aside from work, but that's good enough for now because it means I've done everything I wanted to. Well, mostly, but the only thing that I can think of right now is visiting Giant Tiger one last time, and that will be taken care of within the next couple days~

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