Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Month to Go <3

Christmas shopping in and of itself is done, but the only gift(s) I don't have yet will be coming from Soapier. Bought the last food-type gift I needed earlier tonight, and while there noticed they didn't have any more of the cashew brittle I bought for Mom which was sort of funny, but yeah. Everything is currently tucked under the table closest to the wall, and will likely remain that way until a couple days before Christmas as with past years. Having to work might introduce one significant difficulty into doing that though, especially because I'm 99% certain I'll be working on Christmas Eve. Melissa had a different idea for how to fairly-schedule staff for those "special" days this year (Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day), which was simply posting a sheet at the back divided into four parts for those four days, and we were all required to choose two. An additional note next to it said that there might be a chance of us only working one, but I think that's pretty fair for everybody. My two were Christmas and New Year's Eve, because I don't want to work on Boxing Day for the possibility of going shopping at Walmart or wherever else, and New Year's day is just because it's the beginning of the year and starting it out with work would be sort of weird.

I also need to remember to write her (Melissa) a note tomorrow asking for December 12th through 14th off, but that's been on my mind for the past week or so already, and it's just that every time I go to work, we've already closed and left for home by the time I remember I meant to do it ;_; Then finally, sometime this week, I will need to send Michele an email about the Christmas party, but the worst of that will be figuring out a way to say "No, because it's the best decision this year" without going into specifics. Or maybe I'm just overthinking things here too, because chances are she's just looking for a yes or no answer from everybody so she can make the reservations in time. As for a Christmas party at work, nothing has been mentioned yet, but even if somebody does organize one, I'll likely end up working instead. Even the one year I went, Eric got himself into quite a bit of trouble, and the trend has continued from there. On top of all that, there's also the possibility of being made to pay for my own meal, and that's not going to happen ^^;

In the meantime, I have a new DS ROM to try out, and a couple things to copy to one of my external hard drives, then probably going downstairs to make more KD. Standard stuff, but I've been having another one of those extremely irritable days today, so that much is to be expected~

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