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This is Becoming Tiresome

Where "this" is not going to bed until 7 or 8 in the morning. By the time I got to sleep last night it had to have been about 8:00, and sure enough, I didn't get out of bed after that until quarter after 5. So tonight, regardless of what I'm doing, I'm laying down to go to sleep at 6. It's fun on occasion, if I'm busy with Pic Pic or want to go to McDonalds for breakfast, but not so much on a regular basis, especially recently, because the trend has been that I don't wake up until after it's started to get dark outside. Sure, I have tonight off, so sleeping in doesn't really pose any harm, but for days where I do have to work or go to Heart and Stroke, it's mildly disconcerting to wake up and realize I only have an hour or so to myself before I have to head out.

Speaking of Heart and Stroke though, I finally got around to sending Michele an email about the Christmas party before going to bed this morning, and her response to that was simply "Sorry to hear you cannot come to the Christmas party", so meh. Still, there are two more weeks between now and the day it's being held on, so if she ends up needing me to come in on either of them, there's a chance one of the other volunteers or staff there will ask why I can't make it, but I'll worry about that then if necessary. It's obviously not their place to pry, but truthfully, my reasoning is fairly easy to work out with a little extrapolative thinking, effectively making it an "if you really wanted to know, you would've by now" matter. That being said, it is only a short gathering for lunch, meaning the odds of anybody noticing I'm missing are slim, and leading to most of this paragraph being unnecessary.

As for those tasks mentioned in my previous entry, I've completed two thus far. First is my desktop as it is now. That's where most of my desire to recolor this Firefox theme came from, but as yet I'm still content with the default orange color. The other is the newest sketch of my commission from Streetlights. Nothing much of note about it, but on a bit of a tangent to this topic, I've been thinking recently about commissioning a Christmas-themed image as well, so I asked her about that in the reply I sent last night. Not that I couldn't go through Furbid again, but I'd just rather not this time around. So I'm looking forward to seeing what she says, but in the meantime, am left with typing up what's in those notebooks and Pic Pic. Haven't even started the former, but I'm done exactly 100 mazes now, which is as much as I could hope for against giving up on it. I might as well go back to them right now too, because I haven't anything else to do at the moment. Later, perhaps, but as with any other night, we'll see then~


Heyo! Havn't seen you for a while.
Indeed ^^; I've been around, unless you mean at other places aside from LiveJournal, in which case, no, and I haven't either so... hi :3