Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Questioning Just About Everything

Another curious question that has plagued me for some time. What exactly happens when one falls asleep? Pick any night in the past week, just for this example, and I can remember when I laid down to go to bed, but the next thing I can recall after that is waking up. Nothing else in between the two events. Well, aside from dreams, but it's weird to imagine laying here in bed, and at some random moment suddenly falling asleep. I could go so far as to set my camera up some night just before going to bed to find out, but that would be taking it a bit too far. Anyways, I woke up at 3 today, and am sort of tired right now because of that, but going to work later will definitely be enough to do away with those feelings. Had an interesting dream that I would write about, but the details were slipping away even when I woke up after having it, so all I can remember now is the phrase / name "Old Earth Project". The rest is purely speculation, but I think it might have had something to do with the whole planet itself being taken away because it was past usefulness (or stolen, or something else to that effect), but a group of people had escaped beforehand and were on a mission, as it were, to save it. Perhaps on the... inventive side, but it was cool, in an interesting sort of way.

Unfortunately, I haven't much to say in the same vein of interest for the rest of the afternoon. Completed another 5 puzzles, which will be all for now because I need to get back into a routine of getting a set number done per day, and for the time being, ten will suffice. Level 2 is close to being done anyways (12 more to go), and finishing it will definitely help towards the feeling of completing the rest being worth it. Still no change with the Drawing puzzles though, but now I'm thinking about just uploading all three sets of puzzles at once. Sure, I haven't even started the Magipic ones yet, and they are by far going to take the longest because solving them on my DS takes about ten minutes per puzzle on it's own, but that might alleviate the feeling of wanting to quit because I've finished the group I was working on.

This afternoon has just been flying by as well, leading to me having to leave for work in ten minutes, but that's probably good because nothing much else has happened for me to write about. I did start typing up the stuff in those notebooks last night, but quickly decided that scanning them would be better, because they'll be missing something otherwise. As such, I might start that when I get home later, but also have updated pictures of that commission to comment on and upload. I think it actually might be finished now, and I definitely plan on getting one specific to Christmas next <3 Possibly Halloween too, if I had thought of it back then, but that day just doesn't strike me as being quite so significant as Christmas does. Oh, and since mentioning it reminds me, I've been asked several times recently what I both want as a gift then, and also for my birthday, but as with past years, have no idea, really. I buy the things I want with my own money, which obviously leaves nothing for anybody else to get me, but I guess if it came down to having to provide specifics, the same things as either last year or the year before that. Leopard-spotted stuff (preferably leopard), or possibly food depending on what kind it is, and barring that, money. Simplistic at best, but I'm also rushing to have time to get ready to go now, so I'm just going to be done with this in favor of that. I'll get to those other things after work~

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