Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Much for Careful Planning

As with the night before, I set my alarm before going to bed last night, so I wouldn't oversleep and find myself just waking up at 5pm again, but all that served to do was make it very difficult to sleep period. I must've fallen asleep around 8, but woke up a couple hours after that thinking it was 3 already because of how bright it was outside. Looking at my laptop quickly revealed the time though, so I went back to sleep, and woke up several more times after that, at one point being almost certain that, because I felt well-rested, it must be almost 3, but I checked the clock again and found it to be only 12:30. So I laid down a third time after that, and slept through until when my alarm actually went off, but I was still tired enough that laying back down in bed hoping to eventually wake up caused me to fall asleep again once, then a second time after that when I realized I might as well give myself a break since I had the day off anyways. Besides, what's an extra hour here and there? Nothing worth worrying about, at very least.

So anyways, several things. Number one, I've decided almost for sure that I'll be going out to Shoppers and Tim Hortons later. My original intent was to not spend any more money at 7-11 after those soaps for Christmas cost more than I expected (which reminds me I need to email them today sometime to ask about that unused $15), and I have been doing good for that, but cheese sticks are all I want at Shoppers (if they still have them), and I have cash for Tim Hortons, where I only want to buy a candy cane hot chocolate. Just to make the night a little bit more fun, because my duties otherwise are laundry and Pic Pic. Yay. Although laundry could've waited for a couple more days had certain events not transpired at work last night, but suffice it to say I had to rinse a bunch of sour cream off my shirt before we left. It was well deserved for all the trouble I have Manoah through the rest of the night though, so meh. Among other things, hiding the scissors on the steamer, upselling everything else on the menu aside from Blackjack Tacos, James calling him with his cellphone after we'd closed posing as an angry customer, and so on.

On a different topic, Naomi just told me the Santa Claus parade is taking place tonight and asked if I wanted to come with them, but no. Last time I can remember going to one was during high school, and that year I actually took part in it, because our entire music class (the grade 12 one, at least) was put on a float to play Christmas songs. I think we eventually had to take a break to give our fingers a chance to warm up a bit, then at some point I saw Mom, who told me that she, Naomi, and Adam were going to the theater to see a movie afterwards, and that I could go with them as long as I made it there on my own. I went, but I can't remember if I saw any sign of them now. Just more or less distant memories, if anything. The one immediate change that'll make is hopefully doing my running around before then, because otherwise Tim Hortons is going to be filled with everybody on their way home, and I really don't like the idea of having to wait in line.

As such, and in favor of that the last thing for now is an update on that commission. Like my previous entry said, I think it's finished now, so the picture will be uploaded to my public gallery this time, and can be seen here. For now though, it's almost 7 and I have a feeling that's when the parade starts, so I should probably head out right now just in case they do take a route along one of the streets I'll be needing to cross. I'll find out on ten minutes or so, at any rate~

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