Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More Lack of Patience

If this keeps up I'm going to end up having to put more money on my Mastercard to cover December's fees before Reader's Digest takes theirs for that subscription. It's been what, at least several weeks since I called them now? I do have two emails concerning uses of the card, but they're both for stuff I bought at Tim Hortons, and as such could be safely deleted. Not that the wait is beginning to become annoying or anything, but I am starting to think that it might be prudent to call or email them again and ask if the money is only taken when the subscription period begins or something. I'll definitely need to contact Soapier when I get home from work tonight too though, because I haven't done that yet, and if I haven't mentioned it already, the possibility of getting a couple more soaps instead of the money back crossed my mind recently.

As for things last night, they were mostly fun. Didn't see the parade at all aside from a few police cars on the Lacroix St bridge, and several families walking the opposite direction I was going on the way to Shoppers. Was able to find exactly what I wanted there, including a bag of smoky bacon flavored chips which seem to be becoming increasingly rare to find around here. Up until yesterday night, the 7-11 over by Giant Tiger was the only place I could find that had them (the one on Grand Ave didn't), but last time I went there the space on the shelf where they were at before was occupied by BBQ instead. Was able to get a candy cane hot chocolate at Tim Hortons too, but by the time I got home all the foam had dissolved ;_; It definitely won't be the last one I buy though, but I'm going to attempt to not spend money on anything else until we get paid this week. Just so I can have a firm idea of what my balance is after necessary withdrawals.

The rest of the night was mostly uneventful, save for working on Pic Pic some more, and I've now finished level 2. Unfortunately, as the details of that picture state, level 3 is going to take even longer, especially if what Dad wanted to talk to me about a couple minutes ago pans out in a bad way (I might get to that after work), but ten puzzles a day is my goal for right now, which is about all that can be expected. Actually, I suppose for now the best idea would be to get my stuff ready. Did my laundry last night, so my uniform still has to be folded up, and there is also a cat somewhere in here, which might take me a while to get out depending on where she is. Yeah~

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