Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much of a Good Thing

To think it's only 5:30 right now and I'm just about dead tired. I woke up at 3 today, actually feeling quite refreshed and ready to go, but laid back down until 4, and have felt ever so slightly sluggish since, which did nothing but increase as the day went by. Work was still decent despite that, and the walk home was completely awesome thanks to the first sign of snow I've seen this year, as well as the wind. Quite fitting that November was quite mild, and now, on the first day of December, conditions outside have changed just enough for typical weather around this time of the year to come our way. I might have even walked home along a more lengthy route tonight just to enjoy it, but had to get home in time to copy my XP SP 3 CD for Manoah, which he picked up on his way home hoping it will solve his computer problems. I don't see why not, because it's the same CD I've given him before when he asked, but last time I used it to reinstall XP on my laptop, I had to also make use of a couple other less-legal programs to disable WGA. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume he'd have to do the same, but without reinstalling XP myself I have no idea of what specific steps I took, and I know they were different from what the readmes included with said programs advised. I have three days off coming up though, so maybe I'll do that then (it certainly wouldn't hurt, save for not being able to work on Pic Pic that day). We'll see.

As for what I wrote about yesterday, my expectations were completely wrong. The only thing Dad said to me even remotely linkable to the content of my entry yesterday was "It's nice we were able to talk for a bit" after I told him what my schedule for the coming week was on the way out the door to work. That's not to say I'm going to back off from the main thought posed in that entry (as much as I'd like to, in all honesty), but I'd like to see it as something to accomplish by the end of 2010, since this year will be ending in one month. Yeah, that thought may be laughable, because looking back now I haven't yet met any of the resolutions I set out for myself at the beginning of this year, but at any rate, just... I'm not sure what to say. Maybe it'll happen, and maybe it won't. It's something that needs to sooner or later, however, and by my definition at least, the time of "sooner" has long since passed.

Concerning usual topics, Pic Pic is still progressing pretty well, but I might not get as much done on it as I have been recently tomorrow. I have the day off, but not without doing the dishes, and staying down there for longer to make some more of those no-bake cookies, not only because George wants more and there might be enough to make two batches, one of which could be poured into a brownie pan and cut into squares instead of made into blob-shaped cookies, but also to give Mom and Dad a chance to talk to me, if it'll at all mean they'll back off a bit, so to speak. I'm all for not provoking further problems in this situation, but I do wish they would leave well enough alone. That can't happen in this case though, so a compromise is the next closest option to my mind. Assuming Adam works on Wednesday I might also use the time he's in bed to scan at least one of those notebooks as well, but that reminds me that Michele still needs to send me an email about coming in this week. I sort of hope she doesn't, but it seems more likely that she'll want me to help her (or somebody else) finish up whatever last-minute things need to be done before the holidays. I know I would, anyways.

For right now though, bed, and likely more interesting dreams in such. I haven't been able to remember any, unfortunately, but over the past couple nights I've had at least four that were all going somewhere or were intriguing / interesting in some way or another. That might sound boring or normal, but most of my dreams don't seem quite as... exciting as the ones recently have been. As with anything else, I have at least one theory as to why that is, but it's too early to go into detail right now. Maybe tomorrow, but I'll have plenty to do before that~

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