Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Will Never Be Done

I would just notice that. In the cut I posted yesterday, I forgot the .png extension on the "bookmarks-small-hover" image. Easily fixed, of course, but it will require Firefox to be closed, and I can't do that quite yet because I'm writing this entry. Still along those lines, I've decided instead of making a step-by-step list of what to do when I reinstall XP, next time I get around to that it would be better to create a list of the less-common things. For example, exactly how to mod Firefox's extensions in case I forget, as well as reminders to disable the welcome screen, and also to change the power options. I had a hell of a time with the latter this morning, out of forgetting to disable Windows going into standby when my laptop was closed. I woke up twice and immediately checked to see if Michele had responded to my email, both times almost falling asleep again while waiting for it to resume from standby, and the second time was greeted with a "No need to come in today" response for all my efforts. Then I promptly went back to sleep and was out until 5.

That seems to be a recurring trend lately though, which has led me to wondering if it's something to do with the weather. Possibly, but my guess is more along the lines of how early it starts getting dark these days. It seems reasonable to assume that almost anybody would associate sleeping with it being dark outside, so maybe part of my body says "It's still dark out. Stay asleep" or something to that effect. Of course, that wouldn't explain why I don't seem to be sleeping any later than 5, but I'd rather not risk seeing if I can go for longer than that right now. Anyways, my experiment for tonight will be putting pillows in my windows before going to bed, so that way I see no natural light from the point where I fall asleep to when I wake up, possibly making me less likely to sleep later, and / or making it easier to get out of bed when I do wake up. As of late I've wanted to do nothing more than lay back down and drift off to sleep again, and it hasn't always been that way.

Anyways, a curious thing happened at work tonight, and it actually won't be the first time for it, but I forgot about it before. In a nutshell, as I might have mentioned a while ago, Warren is the only one there who knew what furries are, and therefore why I had a tail and ears without me telling him. Since that night though, however long ago it was, I hadn't seen him for at least half a year. Our schedules just don't intersect that often. Still, we worked together for about half an hour one day last week, as well as for the same amount of time tonight. On the former occasion, he said something to himself that sounded like "Yeah, I forgot about that... yiffing" (yes, I know, but it's the context it's being used in here), and then tonight asked me if my parents really didn't mind me doing [some acronym related to chatting]. It was either "MUD" or "MUCK", and as I told him, I have heard of them, but never took an interest in either. Then after that he went on to say that it was something his brother was into, and how he didn't understand it, but still, it was sort of... weird. Slightly uncomfortable too, but that could simply be because I'm not used to being asked questions outside of "What're the tail and ears for?"

It's about time for bed now though. Going grocery shopping at 4 tomorrow, as I said yesterday, then after that, I might make cookies depending on what time it is. Either those or more work on Pic Pic, so it all depends on how things go then. Oh, and as for the song up there today, I heard it on the radio at work and liked it enough to find an MP3 when I got home <3 I can't quite think to explain what made it stand out at first, but it just sounds more... empty than the other music I listen to, which is cool in a way. That's about the best I'm going to come up with though. Time to go put those pillows in the window(s) and see what sort of sleep I get tonight~

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