Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Definite Cause for Concern

The title references one of the more interesting things I have to write about tonight, but I cannot think of any way to write them aside from in another list. This time, however, I will use letters, just to make it a bit different <3

a] First of all, what the title is about (obviously). While I've written about it before, I was on the way home from 7-11 a long while ago, when a couple girls sitting on the porch of one of the houses asked me why I had a tail and ears, then said there were pictures of me on Facebook. I heard the same thing tonight from Brandon, except he said there was also a movie (possibly more than one, but I didn't ask), and also something that shows where I live. Whether it be a picture of the house, or a screenshot of Google Maps, I don't know, but that's what makes me worry. I don't mind the pictures or video(s) (although the latter is kind of creepy), but something that shows where I live? No. If there really is, nothing has come about from it yet, which is definitely good considering, but it's still disconcerting. Makes me all the more glad I don't have a Facebook account though. Even stranger is how that was brought up. Some lady I've never seen before said she lost a bet because of me, and the stuff about Facebook was revealed through me telling Brandon I wasn't sure how to feel about that. Oh, and if it makes any difference, the name of the group they're in is apparently something like "The cat boy of Chatham". I am neither mere "cat" nor "boy", but not in any position to worry about that right now regardless.

b] Marissa was supposed to close tonight, but continuing with her trend as of late, she called in sick. Apparently she's given her two weeks notice as well, and I'm still not sure what's going on with her, but (this is going to sound unkind) I'll gladly take a few extra shifts here and there as a result of her quitting so I can start seeing amounts higher than $300 on my pay stubs again. Anyways, who would come in to close tonight but Eryn, to my surprise. I thought she was gone for good last time I worked with her, but she's back on the schedule now, so that's interesting. Since mentioning that reminded me as well, one of the things Melissa asked me tonight was kind of funny. With everybody crowding around her while I was standing at front cash, she asked me to tell them how I'm able to book days off simply by leaving notes for her. I know there was quite a bit of fuss when she first made that change, from me included, but I thought everybody else would have gotten used to it now. However, I see I was wrong.

c] Just yesterday night I mentioned wanting another candy cane hot chocolate. Guess what happened at work tonight? Steve offered to buy something from Tim Hortons for everybody, so that's exactly what I got <3 Certainly a nice surprise, although I still plan on getting another one come Sunday or Monday night. Then if I get paid enough on the 17th, possibly doing the same thing myself (buying something for everybody), because it's both a fun and nice thing to do, and also increases the odds of somebody else doing the same again in the future. Speaking of my days off coming up though, I'm definitely going to Real Canadian Superstore on Sunday, but I'm not as certain about either of the days after that. We'll see then, I guess.

d] Two things related to emails. Number one, I received a $15 refund from Soapier today, which I'm really hoping can be taken to mean that my order has been shipped out. Time is becoming increasingly short now, but at any rate, said $15 is being transferred to my bank account right now, just to add a little extra leeway to what's left in two weeks. The second thing is getting a reply from Streetlights, saying that the one change I wanted made to that commission is easy enough (but for some reason asked if I wanted that change made when my pointing it out in the first place would mean "Yes"), and also that the price for another one would still be $25. I would have sent her the money already, but would like to send the email with the specifics of what I want right after logging out of Paypal, so probably tomorrow. I do know what I want. It's just a matter of describing it without getting too complicated.

e] Other odds and ends. For one, my total bandwidth usage is already up to ~5GB after only a day and a half. I haven't checked Naomi's yet (and likely won't do so until the end of the month), but the computer downstairs hadn't even used 1GB when I checked it this afternoon. Yeah. Also, not that it's related, but I keep forgetting I need to think of a place to go for supper soon. While out getting groceries on Thursday, Mom asked me to pick out what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, then some time after that asked where I wanted to go for supper. I have no idea, to be honest, but right now Pizza Hut is pretty tempting. Amusing too, because we always wanted to go there as kids but never could, for not having the money, then we just sort of grew out of that, and now here I am wanting to go there for my 25th birthday because I've wanted pizza for quite a while ^^; My birthday is on the 13th, so there's still plenty of time to make a decision, but I think it may be already.

Anyways, bedtime, because it's three minutes before 7 this time. Not good. There isn't too much to say about tomorrow right now either, but I'm definitely looking forward to bringing some cookies in to work :3 Knowing my luck I'll do that and we'll be so busy I won't have a chance to see what anybody else thinks of them, but there's that much to anticipate for now. Better than other nights, by any means~

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