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Apparently I Am Crazy

According to both Adam and Naomi, said in reference to my walking all the way out to Real Canadian Superstore today. It was well worth it though, because the bags of chips that were on at 2 for $5 on Thursday had changed to being $1 a bag. As such, I purchased four, and still had one left from the three I bought on Thursday, so there are now five bags of chips resting up against my bedside table <3 Plus seven bags of Skittles, because I bought four more, and added them to the three I had from a couple weeks ago. Way too much food, in all honesty, but I still need to get another one of the blue bags of Skittles next time I'm out there, then also wonder if Sobeys might have the purple packages in the same size. I've seen the smaller ones at 7-11, but Real Canadian Superstore didn't have any of them at all, so Sobeys is the only other place I can think of to try. Maybe Food Basics too, now that I think of it, but I must do that so as to have a complete collection before opening any of them ^^; I might even go back there this week sometime, because when I got out there tonight I saw the big sign on the front of the building that said "Now open 24 hours!" Definitely a fun thought, but that all depends on when my next day off after Wednesday is. Saturday, if my memory serves, so we'll see what happens then.

Speaking of days off, while at work last night Orlando showed me the extra schedules Sheila had made up. Enough to cover all the way up until December 28th, which George wasn't impressed with because he's supposed to have New Year's Eve off or something. As for me, I can't remember when exactly they are, but sometime between now and then, I have six days off in a row. Yeah. Should be good for getting more puzzles done in Pic Pic, and hopefully for giving me plenty of time to wrap Christmas presents because I'm about halfway certain that stretch covers Christmas Eve, but as for the rest, I'm going to run out of things to do :x Also, since it involves work, I got the brilliant idea to clean out the grease trap again last night, and somehow fouled it up in a way that caused it to overflow and make a terrible mess. That was shortly followed by several trips out to the grease bin and back with however much of the water / grease / dish debris combination I could fit into the bucket, and then I had to scrub the floor afterwards to clean up the oil that had spilled out in some way or another. It worked after that, but now I know next time I do that, to just skim the stuff off the top instead of digging right in :s

Moving on to a different topic, I made sure to send Streetlights the money and description needed for that second commission last night, so for now, I'm just waiting to hear back from her. I'm going to eventually remember to take a picture of the banner I want to have included though, because I pass by it on the way to work every night (it's in the window of that antiques store on St. Clair), which was one of the main forces behind deciding how I want that commission to look, but to date I just haven't wanted to stop, then earlier tonight had forgotten to bring my camera with me. Now that I've had a bit to think about it though, I may go back out there (to Real Canadian Superstore) tomorrow, because I still need to put more money on my Mastercard, then could also take a picture of the banner to show her what I mean, instead of leaving her to rely on my description. That would be fun, especially with the ability to go there at any time I please :3 Also, while I was writing that, I received an email from LiveJournal saying "You have received a virtual gift!". Upon checking my profile, I saw that it was from Munedust, so if you see this, thanks ^^ I'll admit I'm not sure what the occasion is, but I'll just assume my birthday, because it's quite close now.

To end this entry for now (because those three paragraphs are quite long on their own), today has actually been pretty fun, now that I've taken care of the one pressing matter introduced previously. Ten mazes done in Pic Pic, a nice long walk out to work and well beyond that, followed by plenty of time to relax and even have a bath, because I felt it one of the more fitting things to do after all that walking <3 Now, however, it's almost 5 in the morning, and I might actually try getting to bed somewhat earlier as such. I've another day off tomorrow, and likely will go out to Real Canadian Superstore again sooner or later, but I think for the time being, probably later. As in, 4am later, because there's one thing being out then would definitely facilitate. Whether or not that happens obviously remains to be seen, but for now, sleep, and whatever happens tomorrow when I wake up~

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