Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Night Well Spent

The first part of today was mostly standard. Did 15 more puzzles in Pic Pic, put some new music on my PSP, and not a whole lot else. At 3:30am though, I took off for another walk. This time to Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, McDonalds, and 7-11, all in that order <3 Walmart had new work socks and the variety of Skittles I mentioned needing in my previous entry, Real Canadian Superstore had chips and a package of dark chocolate Kit Kat bars, McDonalds had their $1.39 sausage McMuffins, and 7-11 didn't have what I needed from them, but I'll just go to the other one (at Richmond and Lacroix) after I've finished the dishes tomorrow. Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore weren't anything special, outside of it feeling strange to be out there at ~4am, but I must extend thanks to the old guy in McDonalds who apparently saw himself as some sort of authority on the weather for telling me that the cold was "not good for my skin". Hardly a concern sir, and if you think that's bad, you should see how I walk around outside during January and February. Oh, and I got stopped by two cops on the way out there as well. Hardly unexpected, and I made it there without incident otherwise, but it's sort of a record to be stopped by two, so yeah.

Given that I just walked about 8km during the time I'd normally be getting to bed though, I'm almost at the point of being exhausted right now, but I'm not about to set this entry aside until tomorrow, because then I'd forget half the things I was going to write about. One example is a picture, being of my complete Skittles "collection". Walmart had all five types, for cheaper than Real Canadian Superstore, amusingly, so I purchased the two purple and one of the blue bags tonight ^^ As for the socks, there are either holes in the heels of the pairs I have now, or the area surrounding the heels is becoming loose, which is really annoying because I prefer socks to be snug-fitting. Four pairs for $8 though, which should last me another good while, and whenever I need more in the future, I know it's not beyond me to walk out there and buy more.

On a completely different topic, there are five days left before my birthday now, and I finally remembered earlier tonight to tell Mom I want to go to Pizza Hut for supper. Her reaction was predictable ("Really?"), but after I told her I've wanted pizza for a while, and therefore was being serious, she said that was fine so now I'll have that to look forward to <3 What's more, to the best of my knowledge Pizza Hut doesn't provide those inane celebrations brought upon by one of your other party members saying "It's so and so's birthday". I know they're meant to be fun, and for anybody else, I would consider it to be quite humorous, but where I'm concerned, I'll do what I can to prevent that just to see how far they might try to take it ^^;

Anyways, I think I should be getting to bed for now. Just have to send Michele an email asking if she needs me this week, then possibly sort out the stuff I bought earlier so I'm not tripping over bags whenever I get up. Awesome night altogether though, and I can only wonder about maybe doing it again before Christmas. Not soon, by any means, because I have everything I need from those places (up to and including ten bags of Skittles and eight bags of chips :x), but maybe one of those nights in the six I have off coming up, assuming they're near that time. We'll see then, as I seem to be saying with so many other things these days. Yesh~

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