Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost Thrice this Week

Slipping back into this mindset again. "I should go to [x] just because I can". For at least a couple hours at work tonight, I was completely decided on going out to Real Canadian Superstore again once we'd closed, for more chocolate bars. I didn't, which is probably a good thing because I have only $2 left before dropping below $1,600, but it just goes to show what those two days did to me. Circumstances permitting, I may go out after things are done and over with on Sunday, just as a sort of birthday celebration for myself, but aside from that, I need to get used to being content with what I normally do. Oh, and since it sort of connects, I was wrong about when I have those six days off. They're coming up quite soon, specifically from Saturday the 12th, to Thursday the 17th. I do, however, have another five days off in a row around Christmas, going from the 23rd to 27th, I believe.

Things should, after tomorrow afternoon, be all set for gifts though. Thanks to me not paying attention earlier, I completely missed the delivery notice from Shoppers that was stuck to the cupboard, but that made no difference, because I can't pick the package up until tomorrow afternoon. As for what it is, soaps are the only possibility. I was originally planning on heading out when I normally would if I were stopping there before going to Heart and Stroke after, but now I'll more likely ask for a ride, because the wind today has been wildly unpredictable and, dare I say, violent (I was about half sure my tail was going to blow clean away while heading to work), and it's supposed to keep up well into tomorrow, and I don't want to risk the chance of the weather damaging them. Kind of an amusing coincidence how one of the reasons I declined going to Heart and Stroke's Christmas party was because 11am was too early to wake up, yet as it turns out I have cause to set my alarm for 1pm instead of 3 tonight after all.

Going back to the weather again, it's been interesting today. Last night it snowed for a bit, which was followed promptly by rain that had melted all of said snow by the time I woke up, but with the addition of much wind. It was unreal, going down the stairs to put my shoes on and head off for work, and being able to hear the wind whistling, howling, and otherwise blowing up against the outside of the house. Thankfully that didn't pose any huge difficulty getting to work, aside from blowing my tail around, but I also have something else to help this year. A fu(rred/zzy) headband that I bought at Shoppers that night I went there for cheese sticks. Used entirely to keep the wind from blowing my ears off, and also to keep my headphones in, because they have a tendency to come loose otherwise, made only worse by the cords becoming stiff in the cold.

Anyways, I have stuff to do quite early tomorrow, so I should be calling it a night now in preparation for that. I hope to have some new stuff to mention sooner or later (in particular, at least a sketch of my second commission from Streetlights, which I'm almost ready to email her about to make sure she's received my specifications), but normal things will suffice for now. At least until I stop waiting until the last minute at night to think about them, but it's nothing worth fussing about yet~

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